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Nurses have both learning and teaching responsibilities. Continuing education for nurses is very important in order to maintain their knowledge and skills among the health care development. If it is true, that the ability of teaching is a complex process, one fundamental part of this process is the ability of the learner to receive information, process the information and carry out in practice. Learning, is a change in human ability or capability of willing to learn and act on the learning (Blais, Hayes, Kozier, & Erb, 2006); is a transformation of behaviors, existing knowledge, ability and values to change an area of need to become better as individual. When teaching how to use the EpiPen, the following components are applied and planned: detailed assessment of the learner, learner objectives, defined topic and outline for the learner, materials and teaching methods, teaching sessions with focus on an interpersonal process recording, and finally an evaluation of the teaching plan provided by return demonstration.
Assessment of the Learners- Prior level of knowledge
The learner is a young man who worked in a construction company and is attending to college to get a nursing degree. In his previous learning experiences and knowledge could include that he studied in a school of medicine for four years but he never finished, he has some knowledge about some kind of medical procedures and has intellectual capacity. He is also a person who practices sports and is physically active. This learner has sufficient knowledge about anatomy and physiology and about first aid during an emergency case or shock. All of this information was obtained through a verbal interview of previous learning experiences and learning.
Assessment of the Learner- Perception of Learning Needs.
The learner stated that between all the learning methods, he feels more comfortable using directly the equipment, manipulating it, to see how it works. He also prefers learn alone or with a small group of people because sometime they interfere with the process of learning and the time and concentration are wasted. In addition, the learner said that he is not familiar with the EpiPen. He knows that EpiPen is good to increase the possibilities of save the person and gain time to get to a hospital.
Assessment of the Learner- Attitude toward Learning.
The learner’s position toward the learning is good because, despite his familiarity with the field, he affirms his needs for actualization and more information. He states that in the health field, the treatments and procedures are changing frequently and he is prepared to this continuous learning. This attitude helps to reach the goals that the teacher has in mind and facilitates the process.
Assessment of the Learner – Social, Cultural, and Physical Factors Affecting Learning
The learner is a thirty-three year old Hispanic male who is married and has one kid. Spanish is his...

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