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Teaching Style Choice Is Imperative To Formal Education

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Formal education is of utmost importance in the modern world. Education shapes the way individuals think reason and make important decisions in their daily lives. The quality of education that learners get, right from kindergarten to the time they start their careers, is of high significance. Quality tools for teaching and learning, quality environment for teaching and learning and quality teaching are the major determinants of quality education (Lowman, 1984). Governments, learners and other stakeholders in the education sector are regularly facing various issues in the quest for quality education. One such issue is the teaching style that teachers decide to use in their classes. Dictator/authority figure (where the teacher is the center of attention and all learners must focus on him), authority model (here the teacher demonstrates some behaviors that are beneficial to the learners), student oriented (here the learners are involved in activities that enable them to develop relationships while learning the needed course material), hands off (here the students are left to study the course material on their own), and self-learning (where the teacher develops detailed lesson plans that the students read through) are some of the commonly used teaching styles in most learning institutions (Gomberg, 2000).
In the dictator teaching style, the teacher is portrayed as an authority figure. The teacher acts as a dictator and the students as his/her subordinates. On most occasions, the teacher maintains very distant and stringent relations with the students in order not to lose control. This often results in authoritarian and businesslike relations between the teacher and the students. He/she dictates what is to be done in a step by step manner and gives the learners many directions at every step. This style puts the teacher as the center of attention. Students receive information directly from the teacher and any form of misbehavior or indiscipline from the students is dealt with expressly by the teacher. The teacher demands obedience, discipline and discourages verbal exchange.
Impacts of Dictator Teaching Style on Classroom Instruction and Student Learning
Negative Impacts
Due to the dictatorial nature of this teaching style, students are not allowed to be individuals and are denied the opportunity to play an active part in the learning process. This is because they are not allowed to engage in group discussions or any kind of banter. Learner discussions are usually an imperative learning point and their absence reduces the students learning experience. This teaching style also produces short-term results. A student, for example, will grasp a concept just because the teacher demands them to do so. Once the teacher leaves the classroom, the idea is forgotten and the student moves on to other things, the influence of the teacher having been forgotten (Deci, 1982).
Dictator teaching style reduces students to near robots. Creative and critical thinking...

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