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Teaching Styles, Learning Styles, And Cultural Location In Relation To Academic Success

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Teaching Styles, Learning Styles, and Cultural Location in Relation to Academic Success
"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." -William Arthur Ward. Every teacher is different and teaches differently, but when it comes to academic success of students, how do the teaching styles affect the overall outcome of the student success. Although teaching styles and learning styles have a massive role to play and academic success, so does cultural location. Teaching styles will form students learning behavior and how they see their future. Teaching styles meshed with learning style of an individual student is the biggest ...view middle of the document...

Every student is different and some require more effort than others. When an individual focuses more on the difficulties of the work they will have more motivation to learn. Only through this focus can the individual learn and retain more. Along with focus, one must also pay a great deal of attention to his or her learning styles. “Dunn and Dunn (1993) state that a “learning style” differentiates individuals, it begins with the individual’s focus on new difficult knowledge, and how the knowledge is retained”(Akça, Figen). Students who focused more on their own learning skills were able to retain higher knowledge. These students who also focused on new knowledge were able to retain more wealthy knowledge. Furthermore, these students had more academic success then those who did not focus on their learning styles. Since learning styles are very important, without them, there would be no academic success.
Students who are more willing to focus on their motivation will have more academic success. Some students may choose to sit on the side lines while others will be more proactive and motivated to learn more then they are being taught. Some individual students may be more involved in the classroom because they use the teaching style and form around that for their own benefit. “I saw that the best thing i could do was get ahold of a dictionary-- to study, to learn some words. I was lucky enough to reason also that I should try to improve my penmanship” (X, Malcolm). Malcolm was able to focus more on his own learning styles and had an overall better outcome once he was willing to improve his skills. He was able to achieve academic success through his own motivation of teaching himself and learning from his past mistakes. Malcolm was able to retain more knowledge because he was more willing to put in the extra time and effort than the average student. Malcolm had the motivation to achieve higher academic success.
Depending on the cultural location, students will be affected and may learn differently and this will affect their overall academic success. Wes Moore in his book “The Other Wes Moore” talks about how the location of a school had a large impact on the education that one would receive. Since every culture is different, some students would obtain a better education, especially those who were involved in a more wealthy school. “Sixty- six percent of high school students who began high school in Maryland completed...But in Baltimore City, where Northern High School was...

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