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Teaching Taught Me Essay

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Is a teacher’s only job teaching information? Notoriously this profession is known for its teaching, but in many cases teachers also learn. As a Tennis Canada Certified Instructor, I have had the privilege of teaching and learning with my first job. Teaching Tennis has taught me many valuable skills that I will take forward in the future. These skills include the certification process, organization, the understanding of different learning styles, and responsibility.
Playing tennis both recreationally and competitively throughout my youth brought me an accessible and outstanding first job. At the age of 16 I took part in a forty eight hour course to become eligible for my Tennis Canada ...view middle of the document...

Having this large of a position has come with the development of my organization. Teaching tennis has taught me to always be organized due to my daily job requirements. My sister and I plan each session deciding on the dates, times and group types. We separate our students into skill levels based on their age and previous experience. In addition to outlining the programs, we are entitled to plan each specific lesson to ensure a progression over the specific session. Also, last summer ran a junior tournament which had twenty seven participants. I personally scheduled and created the draws allotting time for weather difficulties and cancellations. My job requires this type of organization and has improved my personal organization since the first day. I can use these skills in my future in result of the experiences I have had in my first job.
Teaching now for almost three years I have gained respect for the various learning styles present in students. I truly value this skill as it has been a problem for me for many years. I have always struggled to learn in school when just reading or listening, I prefer a visual explanation as well as seeing something physically happen in order to understand it. Teaching young kids tennis has shown many different learning styles. This past summer I taught a young boy who had a learning disability and had to be taught everything by seeing it visually or physically. This showed me that for some people it is extremely necessary to learn that way. If not shown visually or physically a simple instruction like “stand on the yellow line” would be...

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