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Teaching The Minds Of Tomorrow Essay

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Picking a project for Service Learning was fairly easy for me. I chose to participate in the “Helping Hands” program that Pollard Ministries offers. Pollard Ministries is based in Oklahoma and is centered on the Christian faith. Helping Hands is a tutoring and mentoring program that was started about two years ago and has only recently been able to blossom. The program offers young aspiring teachers, like myself, to spend three weekends working with, and helping, younger students overcome their obstacles. The ultimate goal of Helping Hands is to instill leadership, motivation, and the confidence to succeed in the children of our future so that they prosper in a better tomorrow.
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I feel that this type of program grasps that concept perfectly because it brought Child A and Child B into the learning and improving environment with the beginning being focused on their ultimate success. By the second week it transitioned into continuing the success of the two children while expressing the need of giving back to others. Finally, the third week the children got to take their newly learned skills and help to teach other children, which gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. I chose this type of program because I felt that it was designed to help me in the way it helped the children. My major is English and in the future I plan on being a teacher. This program was the perfect chance for me to learn valuable skills about helping children learn and overcome obstacles, especially when they display signs of learned helplessness. Being able to tutor the children and to give them the confidence they needed to see that they are capable of approaching any subject in school and out, was an amazing feeling that made me realize I was on the right path with teaching. The best part of the program was watching Child A and Child B work with the younger children and help instill the confidence in them. I believe that a chain reaction of prideful learning was started and will hopefully continue on.
How does this program connect to psychology? I feel that most of the chapters that we covered this past semester go well with this project. Because I was able to learn about behavior, cognitive and mental abilities, and many, many other concepts and theories of humans as a whole I was able to connect to the children on a more understanding level. For example, the chapters about learning and, the aforementioned, cognitive and mental abilities played a special role in this program. Learned helplessness was a recurring problem among the two students I helped and I do not think the three weekends has eliminated the problem, however, I do believe it has helped them. Each student went into the tutoring sessions with the mind set of “I will fail” and because of this the first session was not as successful as the others. Along...

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