Teaching To The Test Gets An ‘F

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In the article “Teaching to the Test Gets an ‘F’” by Steven Slon, Slon, discusses the issue of creativity in schools and how student creativity and futures are in jeopardy. Slon talks about how he, himself, has witnessed the destruction of creativity firsthand with his own son. Slon also brings up a conversation he had with Sir Ken Robinson about the current status of American education such as needs, wants, and expectations of the adult world and how they have changed from a routine world to a more complicated and complex place. The article brings up the issue of standardized testing, which has only brought harm to the education of the nations youth and has put tremendous amounts of pressure on school districts. The hard working efforts of the government, school districts, and teachers to stimulate a well educated nation has only created another routine outdated education system, and a loss of all passion for school when a more engaed and creative curriculum is needed for the youth of the nation.

When we imagine a six year old we think of a small child with an extensively creative and imaginative mind were we would normally expect a first grader to experience fun and unique ways to learn new material such as penmanship, math, and grammar skills. Slon when his son was in the first grade however, had experienced a darker side of the education system, which has become an increasingly common situation. The first grade teacher was using very routine teaching tactics and the students did the same practices everyday in the teachers attempt to liberate creativity from the children’s minds to prepare them for a more adult like world. Robinson explains that such routine practices “…made economic sense to teach people to do routine things” (48) however, he goes on to say that “At the height of the Industrial age…we weren’t interested in building brains”(48). The reason such routine education was used was simply because people were only required on assembly lines and needed to build muscle rather then brains but today the needs of the real world are more complex then they have been before (48). Today the nation needs to abandon its old and routine education system to teach its students from a different approach where routine exercises and workload wont help because in the adult world more creatively educated individuals become successful.

Although it’s the teachers who have been providing the dry and dull education that very student dreads and has caused a resentment towards public education the school districts have put a lot of pressure on teachers and have indirectly forced teachers to provide a dull and routine education. School districts have required teachers now to prepare its students for standardized testing and as a result “…many schools have began devoting substantial parts of the curriculum to preparing for tests”(48-49) and such a tactic has backfired with students becoming the victims. Studies have shown that “…on average...

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