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Teaching, Tutoring And Training In The Lifelong Learning Sector

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Daines et al states that we must consider our:
‘Own attitudes towards and knowledge about the variety of people we teach. The way we speak and behave will say something about you, your perceptions and expectations of your students… As a tutor, you have a professional duty to behave in non—biased ways that are acceptable to all. This means recognising that every adult is of equal worth irrespective of ethnicity, gender, ability background or disposition, and working with each person to the best of your ability in order to further his/her achievements’ (2006:43).

My role is divided as a trainer and advisor and demands some changes in my behaviour when dealing with my learners. Even though, I still practice a professional mannerism with both roles. In the classroom I am governed by curriculum and try to follow the session plan as fully as possible whereas, when I am working with the same learner in my advisor role it is more laid back and open discussion where there are no set curriculum to cover. As a teacher I undoubtedly have a great deal of responsibility for the learning of my learners, they often look upon me as a role model and sometimes feel insecure and lack confidence that they are not capable to achieve. I conduct myself with respect for others and promote this behaviour to my learners. In addition, I present myself dressed in an appropriate manner and use appropriate language to promote professionalism depending on the learners and level of teaching, there are occasions where I may be asked to teach at other venues and establishment where a particular dress code is required. My focus is to build my learners self esteem and confidence as this to me is the main element that supports learners to achieve to their full potential.

At the beginning of any session or at the first available opportunity to meet with the learner I make them aware of the health and safety, housekeeping, emergency procedure, I create an action plan and complete an assessment that may include their personal circumstances, their limitations, health, abilities, skills, education and experience. This allows me to provide a more inclusive and respectful atmosphere for my learner in class by recognising and providing for their individual needs.

I am always working towards providing a safe, comfortable, friendly and inclusive environment to the best of my ability for them to learn and together the class sets their ground rules. By allowing them this authority gives them ownership to the agreement and has a far greater impact on them adhering to the rules than from the teacher setting them. With this in place I make sure that I demonstrate my professionalism by being early for the sessions and having all my equipment and resources ready to start the session. In addition, I discuss any time changes to the session and try to complete the sessions on time.

It is also part of my professional responsibility to carefully manage my class making sure that learners respect each...

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