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English language has been rated as one of the most important international languages nowadays. It has been found at primary levels around the world. Teaching English as a foreign language is not an easy task and need a lot of hard work, especially for young learners. However, starting earlier is not the solution for producing better English speakers. EFL teachers of young learners have to follow some strategies and techniques to understand and teach young learners better. YL Students who aged 5-12 can not spend two or three hours sitting on chairs and listening to teachers lectures as adults do. They lose interest more quickly and less able to keep motivated on tasks for long time because ...view middle of the document...

However, both groups whether young or adult learners need a safe classroom environment but in different styles. Classroom environment involves the physical setting and the psychological environment that is created through social interaction between students and the teacher and even between students themselves. The physical sitting reflects and affects the teacher teaching style. The teacher has to adjust the classroom environment to students’ preferences to have better results in their academic achievement. First of all, try to make the classroom walls more creative by adding pictures and colorful paintings. Also, provide opportunities for children to move around and sitting in circle. Children will learn better if they move from one area to another. Children become more attentive and active in comfortable sitting that leads to achieve higher grades and better understanding.
There are some common theories related to child learning that can inform how we think of the child as a language learner. One of the major theorists in developmental psychology is Piaget. Piaget theory regarded the child as active learner and thinker. The child is alone in the world that he figures out how to take action to solve problems that learning occurs. The knowledge that results from such action is not imitated but actively constructed by the child. Piaget differentiates between assimilation and accommodation in which development can take place as a result of activity. Assimilation happens when action takes place without any change to the child, while accommodation involves the child adjusting to features of the environment. Therefore, from Piagetian viewpoint, child’s thinking develops as...

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