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Teachnology Essay

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This assignment is very interesting for me. I haven’t played games for a long time. I used to play games in the past just for fun. When I found myself spend too much time on playing games. I stopped playing games right away because I didn’t want my life to be ruined by gaming. Many of my friends were seriously addictive to the gaming. They refused to go to school or do homework. They spent their time all day and night on computer gaming. Then, they got low grades from school and their parents felt disappointed. Moreover, one of my friends, her marriage failed because her husband spent all his time on computer gaming, refused to take care of the kids and spend time with my friend. Computer gaming for me are drugs. The more you play it, the more additive you will be.
On the other hand, I have one good story about gaming that really impressed me. One of my friends met his wife through the computer gaming and they always have a ...view middle of the document...

I couldn’t believe how those gamers had such high passionate and strong fate in games. I still clearly remembered one of professional gamers who said that computer gaming for me is everything. This showed that gamers really dedicated their lives to computer gaming. They made gaming as a career even though they didn’t get paid each month and there were no guarantees that they would win the competition and got the money. They totally believed in what they were doing.
Moreover, the article of “Individual Psychology on the Virtual Frontier: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing gaming” mentioned many reasons why people loved playing compute gaming. One of the reasons was that gaming could fulfill people’s needs that they could not find in the real world such as the feelings of competence, respect, and prestige. I totally agreed with it. Many people don’t satisfy in their lives. They feel depressed about their lives. Computer gaming is tools that help them not to think about the dissatisfactions in their lives. People can create, control and do whatever they want in the fake worlds that are built in computer gaming. However, I strongly believe that if people spend their time on improving their lives instead of playing computer gaming. They can actually fulfill their lives in the real world and make their lives be more satisfied.
I think there are several types of gamers such as gamers who are really serious about gaming and make gaming as a career like those professional gamers in the “Free to Play: Movie”, gamers who dissatisfy in their lives and use games to fulfill their needs, and gamers who play games just for enjoyment. All materials from this assignment really opened my eyes and made me see some positive things about gaming even though I had only negative thought about gaming in the past. I believe gaming is a good thing for certain people while some people, gaming can ruin their lives. Most people easily lose control of themselves on technologies such as computer gaming. People need to learn to spend their time wisely and control themselves. If you would like to spend your whole time with something, you need to make sure that you will get something good out of it.

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