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Teahers Should Not Carry Guns In School

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Let’s go back to the day of December 14, 2012, Newtown, Connecticut, at the school of Sandy Hook. As I turned on the TV that day I remember hearing breaking news from Newtown, Connecticut about the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. I remember hearing one story that caught my attention and as I was watching the news story it happened to be a story that ends in a tragedy. It was a story of a first grade teacher who was shot and killed after hiding her kids in the closest and telling the gunman that the kids were in the gym. I thought to myself what if she had a gun then maybe she would still be here to tell us her story form her point of view. I don’t know if arming teacher would be the answer or not you never know. I am kind of torn between the two sides of should teachers have guns or should they not have guns. I think that the cost outweigh the benefits of arming teachers. If I had to choose a side I would be against teachers having guns. I think that the guns could get into the wrong hands. You had a gun free school, but know you turned it into a gun school. Do you really want untrained teachers to have a gun is that a wise decision.
Think about it when you were a kid you liked to know what everything did. If your mom told you not to touch the curling iron because it was hot, you did it anyway because you had to find out for yourself if it was hot. If your dad said don’t do that it’s not safe, what did you do. You did that thing your dad told you not to do. Just think about it if a kid gets there hands on a gun their going to want to know what it does. Do you want the risk of a student as young as first grade maybe even kindergarten getting their hands on a gun? I sure don’t want the risk of kids getting a hold of guns. So why put guns in school if there is a chance for kids to get their hands on them. You think that just because a teacher has a gun means that their responsible and that they will always have the gun and they won’t lose it. There is a possibility that they will lose it. Let not take a chance and just keep guns out of school.
Teenagers don’t make the best choses in life. When you’re at that age you think you know everything. You think that you know it all and that your teachers and parents are stupid. When your parents tell you that you can’t do that or they don’t want you going to that party or hanging out with those friends because they’re not a good group. What do you do you go hang out with those groups of friends or go to that party just because you know your parents don’t want you to. What I’m trying to say is that teenagers act without thinking they just do it without thinking of the punishment that will come because you did that. When teenagers are around friends they tend to do thing they normally wouldn’t do just to fit in or be cool in front of their friends. At any given moment teenagers could make one mistake that could change their life for the good and the bad. Teenagers could be frustrated at...

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