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Team Analysis

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When team three was given the semester project, there was not much in the way of forming team goals, we just stepped up to the cliff and jumped. As a team we took on each assignment when it was given, there was not much thinking about the big picture; instead, we just did the assignments as they came along. This hindered us in the fact that some of the sections in our project may not have been as deeply researched as they should have been. We also did not set very strong individual goals for the semester either, our code of cooperation seemed to be taken as a joke and no one was ever held responsible for the rules laid down at the beginning of the semester. The rules of being on time and ...view middle of the document...

During our team meetings to date we haven’t been very successful at conducting effective meetings for the most part. We feel that we haven’t been successful because of two major aspects. The first aspect that made our meetings not effective is that for nearly every team assignment we have completed so far it has taken far too long. The reason for them taking too long was that during our meetings we continued to get off topic and not get the work done. An additional reason that we feel we didn’t have effective meetings was that a couple of times we concluded our meetings without having accomplished what we needed to get done that day. This led to subsequent meetings where we had to scramble to complete assignments on time. However, we feel that there were some aspects of our meetings that were effective. One of these aspects was when we really needed to scramble to get an assignment done. During the couple of meetings this was needed we worked extremely well at staying focused and also completing the task on time. Another aspect of our meetings that made them effective in our opinions was that when we worked on an assignment we all worked on it together on a Google document. This allowed for everyone to be actively participating and contributing toward the assignment during the meeting.

Our ability to effectively manage tasks and the timeline associated with our project was relatively good in that we had everything done on time. We also worked well on almost all of the other team assignments; however, we did have a few problems with some of them. One of the problems we had was with the MBTI memo for our team. The problem we had with this assignment was that a member didn’t show up for the meeting so we didn’t have his roles to put on the assignment. An additional assignment that we had a problem with was on the Progress Report #1 with Proposed Solution. For this assignment we meet as a team and discussed what we were going to write about and took notes on it. From these notes a member said he would write a draft from these notes, but he didn’t have time to write one. The rest of the group members also dropped the ball on this assignment because we didn’t check with a member to see if he had worked on it until Monday late night. Since this wasn’t completed we then all had to scramble to find time to meet on Tuesday and quickly crank out the assignment. This rushing to complete the assignment was very evident in our grade on the assignment with it being the lowest of all of the groups. A final assignment that we had a problem with was the Progress Report #2. On this one we didn’t answer the questions completely in the paper that were required according to the rubric. We aren’t sure exactly how this happened because when compared to Progress Report #1 we spent far more time and energy into writing this assignment.

To improve our group’s meeting effectiveness and project management skills, we should have done these things differently. We...

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