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"Team" And The Organization Essay

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Part I IntroductionWork groups are the basic building blocks of an organization. Groups contribute to organizational effectiveness when group goals are aligned with organizational goals, team is a specific type of groups. In most organizations today formal groups may consist of employees who are responsible for an identifiable work process, a specific project, or a problem that need solving, often called "team" (1). Team has the potential to dramatically affect an organization's performance.In recent years, teams have emerged as the most important group phenomenon in organizations. The term "team" is not new to organizations, and teamwork has been stressed throughout the year. Today, teams are becoming increasingly popular, so how to improve and enhance the performance of the teams in organizations is an important topic to organizations. Moreover, many organizations have successful used teams in working, let's illustrate some effectiveness and ineffectiveness of teams in organizations.Part II MethodologyThe methodologies for this assignment are as follow;1.I have learned some topics about "groups and teams" in many textbooks (refer toBibliography), I try to know how to improve the performance of teams in organizations.2.I have read some cases in books and magazines (refer to Appendices ) aboutEffectiveness teams in organization, I try to know why teams are effective in organizations.Part III Theories of Work Groups and Teams3.1 The meaning of a groupA group is two or more employees who interact with each other in such a manner that the behavior and / or performance of a member are influenced by the behavior and / or performance of other members.3.2 Types of groupsThere are many types of groups in organizations, and each type plays an important role in determining organizational effectiveness. Groups may be loosely categorized according to their degrees of formalization (formal or informal). Formal groups are created by managerial decision to accomplish stated goals of organization. There are four important kinds of formal groups, which are command groups, task forces, teams, and self-managed work teams. A command group, which is specified by the organization chart, comprises the subordinates who report directly to a given supervisor (2). A task force is a collection of people who come together to accomplish a specific goal. A team is a formal work group with a high level of interaction among group members, who work intensely together to achieve a common goal such as developing a new software package (3). A self-managed work team consists of people who are jointly responsible for ensuring that the team accomplishes its goals and who lead themselves.Informal groups are natural grouping of people in the work situation, who come together in response to social needs. Two specific informal groups exist: interest and friendship. Interest groups are organized around a common activity or interest. Friendship groups arise out of the cordial relationships...

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