Team Based Management Is Essential For Better Organizational Control. However Introducing Team Based Management Is Not Possible Without Affecting The Structure And Culture Of An Organization

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Team-Based management is a new and powerful management operating system that can apply to any business-both service and industry. The system is generic and can apply to most any kind and size of organization. Now in competitive business environment team based management is essential to achieve the organizational goal. To introduce team based management system, organization should also create such environment, culture and structure to which this new management system will be well fitted. So in this essay importance of team based management for organization control is described. And it also described how organization will be benefited from different kind of team in this management system. Then gradually this essay will come to the point that introducing of team based management into organization, how it affects the structure and culture of the organization. In conclusion how organization can create their structure and environment to introduce team based management system is described.Team-based Organization makes a major break from the traditional organization. The management system is represented by the company being organized into teams as opposed to individuals, sections, units and departments. Teams are responsible and accountable for defined areas of responsibility over which the team has management responsibility through some level of shared or independent decision making responsibility. (BNET ,2008). Team based management is very essential for competitive strength of organization and its control. The primary objective of the team-based operating system is to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the organization.Justify the investment, time and effort to initiate an implementation process is the desirable outcomes of the team-based system. The benefits are identified over a period of time. Some benefits like reduced turnover, reduced absenteeism, fewer accidents, improved housekeeping, fewer defects, less scrap, and improved efficiency can be realized in the first several month of the implementation process. Other benefits including increased profits, improved competitive position, reduced lead times, better quality, increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction will be realized gradually over a period of years.(Accel-Team,2008).There are many kind of workplace team may work in the team based management system-employee involvement team, problem solving team- task force, quality circles, autonomous and virtual team . 'The goals of an employee involvement team often relate to total quality concepts and the quest for continuous improvement in all operation.'(Wood, Chapman, 2004). It is established and assigned by management to carry out tasks, perform projects, resolve problems, improve processes, reduce organization waste, or reduce set up times. Problem solving teams are created for solving some specific problem. Like- quality circles are established to maintain total quality movement like productivity, cost and other...

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