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Team Building T Group Essay

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Increasing change in this dynamic business environment becomes a significant concern for every organisation in this competitive world. Comprehensive organisation development approaches is therefore essential in achieving organisational efficiency. The proposition of numerous organisation development interventions seek to enhance the development and empowerment of individuals within an organisation, and each fits well in the contemporary organisations for utilising different change programs. In reference to Grieves (2000, p. 407) the recent focus on planned organisation development approaches to change involved routine issues such as attitudes, behaviour, actions and this potentially endorse the creation of interpersonal intervention. Waddell, Cummings & Worley, (2006, p. 213) acknowledged its aim in which to improve people's working relationships with one and another, for instance the endorse interactions between working people, and invent more effective ways to achieve successfulness. This essay is written based on two of the interpersonal interventions - T-Group and Team-Building. It will establish the nature of both interventions and explicitly examined their advantageous with the real practice in the global market place. This essay will also further reveal some of the disadvantageous of T-group and Team-Building. Lastly, the distinction between both interventions will be drawn out.Today, employees symbolise a critical resource for an organisation and they are being renewed, gradually affirming organisation's strategic role. This is supported by Bradley, White and Mennecke, (2003, p. 353) that 'interpersonal intervention increased the performance of work teams'. The engagement of aspects such as communication, actions, and behaviour implicitly promote the growth of organisations. T-group and Team-building are both interpersonal interventions that fundamentally designed for members in the organisation to amplify the awareness of how other people think and perceive about specific issue. The interaction and communication between team members hence provide evidence for the validity of both applications.A good deal of behaviour among people falls within the function of T-group. T-group contributes greatly in organisation for the enrichment of individual skills, knowledge, and effectiveness. There are many aspects made up the whole picture of T-group. Woodman (1980, p. ) regard T-group as training group which is formed especially for training event. Paul Buchanan (cited in House, 1969, p. 316) further characterizes its methods as "have in common the attempt to use behavioral science concepts such as personality theory, group dynamics, social change theory, and learning theory." All attributes summarised that T-group is an exercise that rely heavily on practical sharing experiences, concepts and involves in training in human relations skills. Where one had observed that T-group is the use of discussion groups to achieve changes in behavior; it is...

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