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Team Building Within The Gaming Industry

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A team is a group individuals with various skills and assets working together towards a common goal. The goals of the teams come in various aspects and forms that require the skills of all team members. Team building is the process of enabling ones team or group in order to reach their goals. Reaching the goal will consist of the Team’s leader involvement in the few stages of team building. Within the team building stages are sets such as clarifying the goals to the team letting them know what the main priority is. The second stage is the Identification of all of the problems that can push back the team delaying them from reaching the goals. Addressing the problems and ...view middle of the document...

Social events are also activities that can require great team building exercises as well. Events with which coworkers/ teammates can chat and have and provide information to one another giving tips and have lunch outings, quiz nights, and family picnics as well giving room for entertainment and enjoyment relieving stress. Social events are the most common used of Team building activities and have a decent affect towards a team’s bond.
Team building is the process of enabling a group of people to work together to accomplish a common goal. It is a way to help in motivating the team to come together as a unit and complete something whether it be development of a game, animation, or constructing a building. Team building brings out those that share expectations toward a similar goal. Trust, respect, and support are what help in making a team stand firm giving way to everyone despite their individual differences.
Team building isn’t necessarily a means to just have fun, though there is sometimes an entertaining quality to them. It is a means of how to bring together many different individuals and have them unite to make it to a specific goal as a team. Granted not all team members will like one another or get along, but having them able to work together increasing productivity is the big focus. Team building isn’t as easy as it would seem. Peter De Jaeger a speaker and writer states in his article TEAM BUILDING ISN’T A GAME- “ In the definition of team there’s a conspicuousness by its absence…nowhere does it say that team members have to like one another or play well together, although that type of team spirit is always a bonus.”
Team Building is made to set on how to settle interpersonal conflicts between team members whether intentional or unintentional. In order to settle conflicts it would be easier to start an exercise that can help in building trust...

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