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Team Charter. Essay

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TEAM CHARTERLearning Team BTeam MembersChaunte BanksFarhad HeidariJoshua KatzJames MieleSeptember, 17 2003ORG 502Virginia McMinnUniversity of PhoenixIntroductionTo compete successfully in today's class environment, teams need to be lean, flexible and responsive to their assignments.In order to achieve this, organizations are changing their traditional ways of working (i.e. hierarchically and functionally driven structures) in favor of team-based approaches that emphasize the empowerment of employees and sharing of leadership responsibilities.In the past, many organizations rushed to form teams and did not invest sufficient time, training, and resources to lay the groundwork for effective team development. What happens before a team gets started and what happens in the first few meetings can often determine how successful the team will be!The Purpose of a Team CharterA critical component for team success lies in the establishment and acceptance of a Team Charter. Its purpose is to provide team members:The information necessary to understand clearly the work the team is undertaking.Clarity about team structure, membership and roles.The basis for determining the team's goals and performance measures.The limits and boundaries within which the team is to operate.Processes to manage the team's organizational relationships and interfaces.A key to survival for teams in our present (and future) educational environment is to organize classmates into teams. A Team Charter is a tool that can be utilized to create and sustain a successful team, reducing the chance of failure.Key Building Blocks of a Team Charter· Common Purpose· Roles and Responsibilities· Decision Making Model· Ground Rules· Performance MeasuresImplementing the Team Charter1. Common PurposeThe purpose of our Team Charter is to establish guidelines that will be a resource for the team by clearly defining what the expectations are of each team member. The purpose of the team and the Team Charter is to create a group that is able to communicate effectively and accomplish tasks that will enable us to complete team assignments in a productive, timely, and ultimately successful manner. Our Team will be accomplishing the task of combining the individual team member's assignments from Workshops two through five and preparing a 5,250-7,000 word paper that represents the Team's consolidation plan. The plan will be presented utilizing PowerPoint to the class (acting as the board of directors).[JPK1]2. Roles and Responsibilities[JPK2]· Each member is expected to play an active participant role for any of the tasks assigned to the team.· Input will be required by all team members in a specifically assigned area and/or on any project overall.· Members will be expected to provide constructive feedback within the time constraints determined by the team.· If the team desires, it can agree upon and assign specific roles to members of the...

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