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Team Communication Essay

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Communication is characterized to be a dynamic process on its own, thus it is ever changing, ever moving and in a state of volatility.Team communication can be categorized into a group dynamics or group communication for it involves a certain group of individual working together towards a certain goal. Team communication is manifested in work places, schools and education stations, or any practical group of individuals aiming for one common end.Team Communication is generally defined as a communication that transpires among a certain group of individuals working together with an aim of arriving at a common goal with effective communication.This paper discusses a brief and concise concept of team communication. The working definition has already been stated earlier. This paper also touches on the importance of communication and team communication; how team communication is created; characteristics of open communication; effective communication; the challenges to effective team communication; response to the challenges to effective communication; and finally, the conclusion shall provide for the gist of what the paper has effectively drawn to the readers.Importance of Team CommunicationIn order to fully discuss and understand the importance of team communication, it is vital to understand first the value of communication in general. Primarily, communication is a critical tool to define, understand our environment and ourselves. It breaks barriers between two or more persons thus creating relationships between two or more distinct individuals. It creates bonds within the team and affirms each human need to belong. It facilitates cooperative action towards the attainment of a certain goal. Communication also informs and enlightens people for the sake of knowledge and informed judgments. It leads to enduring friendships and intimacy between individuals and among groups. It enhances our understanding of and respect for different cultures. Finally, it opens avenues for growth of the individual and society.These importances's of communication mentioned herein points a direct line to the value of team communication. In a team, each and all of the members of the team are working towards one common goal. Thus, it is necessary to define and ensure that all of the members of the team share such a goal. Should there be any issues, inquiries or any concerns of any member of the team, regarding such goal, they are to immediately be addressed so that the team may be able to move forward towards the achievement of such goal. According to Garbis and Waern (1999), in addressing those issues, inquiries or concerns that any member of the team may have, decisions are to be made and the whole team must be made aware of any decision at hand regarding such. Which any member may create in order for all the team members to be updated of what is going on. The role of communication deems vital to this particular instance of information dissemination, thus, a making the team...

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