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Scenario: The Production Department of a prominent web-based training company has consistently been behind on their production deadlines, and Production Manager Jody Crinkle has been charged with correcting the problem by turning out projects on time. The Production Department can reasonably design a web-based training module for any corporate client within a two-month timeframe. Yet on average, modules are taking two months and three weeks to reach design completion, making clients impatient and dissatisfied.Jody's Production Department is composed of 14 members, including:4 writers2 editors4 multimedia designers2 technology designers2 project managersEach time a project scope (a document containing project requirements) is handed over to her department, Jody tasks two writers, one editor, two multimedia designers, one technology designer, and one project manager to each project.Jody has made several key observations lately. Last Monday, as she was walking past the Production Department, Jody noticed that several of her staff, specifically the writers and multimedia designers, were surfing the web. She passed by four different times that day, and each time she noticed employees were still web surfing. A project, due Wednesday, was already far behind schedule, and the client was becoming impatient.Jody thought she structured her command group to be as efficient as possible, but apparently that's not the case. She had established the following roles and responsibilities among group members for any given project:•Two writers prepare the script and storyboard for a module.•One editor reviews and approves script and storyboard.•Two multimedia designers and one technology designer work together to turn the script and storyboard into a final interactive and dynamic online module.Throughout the process, the project manager tracks the progress of each stage of the project, yet is not responsible for setting deadlines–the writers and designers do that. Jody thought having the team set the deadlines would be good practice for them.Jody knows it's a bit unconventional to assign two writers and two multimedia designers to each project, but she figured it would help them get the job done faster. Apparently she was wrong. In fact, it's come to light in weekly department meetings that team members have seemed confused about where their co-writers or co-developers are at with important project milestones.Question 1What problems are evident in Jody's situation? What are the possible causes for the late deadlines and poor performance? Compose a 100- to 150-word answer specifically describing the problems and causes you identified. Be sure to root your answers in concepts from Chapter Eight of Organizational Behavior (11th ed.).Answer:Evident problems in Jody’s situation:•Consistently behind on production deadlines.•Modules are taking three additional weeks to reach design completion.•Impatient and dissatisfied...

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856 words - 3 pages ). Conflict: Sources and Solutions [Electronic version]. Interpersonal Skills in Organization. The McGraw- Hill Companies. Pg. 241-250.How does your team handle conflict?. (2007, August). Firstline. Retrieved June 18, 2008, from Business Source Complete database.Reimold, C., & Reimold, P. (2007, December). Resolving Team Conflict, Paper 360, 2(11), 34-34. Retrieved June 18, 2008, from Business Source Complete database.Thomas, Kenneth W. (2002). Introduction to Conflict Management: Improving Performance Using the TKI. Palo Alto, CA: CPP, Inc.

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2011 words - 8 pages for companies (Kocher er al, 2006). In general, team working made better decisions than individuals, and teams often made accepted decisions to larger areas. Therefore, teams have become important tools for identifying high-quality solutions to finding out organizational problems (Kocher er al, 2006). Kocher et al (2006) designed a decision-maker experiment, the beauty-contest game. They found out about 60 percentage of the experimental subjects

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