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Team Member Profile Essay

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Being able to work with other people is extremely important. You begin learning to work with others when you start elementary school – where you are told to work in groups with other people to get a specific task completed. They continue teaching about teamwork all throughout high school, which is a necessity for entering the real world. When you get a job, you will always have to work and cooperate with other people in order to make your workplace successful. You need to work as a team not only in school and work, but also with your friends and family. I have developed my own team member profile based off of how my family and I work together.
I live with my mom, dad, and brother. The four of us all play an important role as members of the family. Since my parents work, pay the bills, and make sure my brother and I are fed each day, it’s mine and my brother’s job to do majority of the cleaning. We ...view middle of the document...

As a family, we all help each other out when needed. Since my brother is only 13 years old and is struggling with certain subjects in school, my parents and I take turns to sit down and help him understand his work. When I help him with his homework, I make sure to reread the textbooks with him and then go through problems step by step to make sure he has full understanding on what his teacher is trying to teach him. You can tell he really appreciates that we do this for him, which makes me feel like we are truly helping him out in some way. I feel as though we sometimes rush when it comes to helping him so we can move onto doing something else. In order to improve this, I think my parents and I both need to just make sure he completely understands one thing before moving onto something more advanced that will be even harder for him to comprehend.
Another thing that my family and I do to work together as a team is taking turns with the driving. My parents and I will switch off with the shopping, driving to relatives houses, and driving my brother to and from his friends’ houses. Generally, we do very well when it comes to taking turns with driving places but we sometimes don’t plan things out very well. We have had issues before where my mom has dropped my brother off at one of his friends’ houses, and then no one is able to pick him up because I will be at school and my parents will both be at work. It can be very hard to remember my parents work schedules and it can sometimes be hard to contact them to ask about when they have off from work.
All in all, my family works very well together as a team. We just need to work on timing and planning everything out. We all play an extremely important role in the family, and would not be able to get by without each other’s help, love, and support. Teamwork is something that everyone learns starting at a very young age, and it is necessary to be able to work with others both inside and outside of school and the workforce. Teamwork requires cooperation, dedication, and support from others. I am extremely lucky to have my family there for me whenever I need them.

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