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Team Member RolesRoss HickenUniversity of PhoenixGen/101Skills for Lifelong Learning ILaura Dorsey, M.A.July 21, 2007Workshop 1Team Dynamics PaperAndrew Carnegie (2007, para 6) once said. "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." In any effort that takes more than one person, the idea of teamwork comes into play. Teamwork is defined as the cooperative effort of a group of individuals toward meeting a collective goal (Mendelsohn, 1998). Teamwork is gained by identifying the roles and responsibilities of the members of the team and then provides them an environment that encourages the process of those roles and responsibilities (Mendelsohn, 1998). The basic thought of teamwork is that the team as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts and by working together, they team can achieve more than each member would by working on his or her own (Mendelsohn, 1998). Each team member needs to remember that the team is more important than their place in it and they will do without their own personal gain for the good of the team (Mendelsohn, 1998).Work groups transform individuals into functioning members through subtle yet powerful social forces(Kreitner, Kinicki, 2003). These social forces, in effect, turn I into we and me into us. Work groups of varying size are made up of individuals who perform different roles, on either an assigned or voluntary basis(Kreitner, Kinicki, 2003).One needs to understand the importance of roles and what they mean if a team is successfully to understand group behavior. This paper will take a look at three important facets of group makeup and organization: role characteristics of a leader, the function or task roles and the function of maintenance roles.The first important aspect for teamwork is leadership. To be a leader, one must have ideas that set one beyond and apart from other team members, and that vision has to take into account for the people involved and their needs and desires (Mendelsohn, 1998). These ideas must be focused on values, not only of excellence, but also of decency, honesty and reliability (Mendelsohn, 1998). According to Mendelsohn (1998), there must be an opposition to compromise these standards to convenience. People can not truly admire and respect a person who does not admire and respect something more than themselves.(p.22)The leader of a group must be able to express goals, rev up moral, bring together team efforts and raise self-assurance (Mendelsohn, 1998). According to Mendelsohn (1998), some members of the group may have upbeat personalities and are smart and affectionate. Others may have personalities that are that of the complete opposite. The job of the leader is to make all team members feel equally and essentially important. (p. 23)Team leaders must be able to lead by example,...

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