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Product OfferingJohn Adegoke, Deb Couturier Evette France, Brandi Quigley Carlos J. NegronUniversity of PhoenixFIN/571 Corporate FinanceLisa SiegalMonday May 2, 2011Kudler Fine Foods is a small company that was started in 1993 by Kathy Kudler. The first store, located in LaJolla, California was doing so well after just nine months that a second store was opened in 2000 in Del Mar. The third store opened just three years later in Encinitas. Kudler currently provides gourmet meats and seafood, cheeses, breads, produce, and wines to its clientele. Recently Kathy has decided she wants to expand her market by moving into Canada and adding catering services and gourmet coffee and tea to her product mix. To do this she has asked her marketing team to develop a plan to launch the new line of products. Following is a brief analysis of the market needs and a justification for choosing this particular product line.Market NeedsKudler Fine Foods decided to add catering services, tea, and coffee to their product mix. To accomplish this new venture Kathy Kudler decided to expand into Canada. According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (October 2010), among 14 billion cups of hot beverage are consumed in Canada each year, and it is number-one in its industry in Canada.Kathy Kudlers goal's requires analyzing market research methods, focus groups, and building customer loyalty. To discover trends, the wants and needs of the consumers. Other marketing techniques include promotion, direct mail, telemarketing, trade shows, price, place, product along with many other techniques to attain potential new customers. Developing the catering services, tea and coffee into the market mix along with expanding into Canada makes it viable that Kathy Kudler consider all aspects of these new ventures to have a successful start to a new endeavor.Product offering/product definitionKudler Fine Foods already offers several high end products. They offer gourmet meat, seafood, bread, wine and dairy products along with produce to those who value great meals. They have been very successful so far and are now interested in adding to their product line. They intend to begin offering gourmet coffees and teas both for consumption at their stores and as products for sale for customers to take home. The specific flavors will be available once the products are released. In addition to expanding their current offerings they also intend to expand their market into Canada. Kudler Fine Foods wishes to compete in the global market and since they are already well established in California a move into the Canadian market seems to be the next logical step to take. Movement into the market will take place as soon as they get the appropriate documents signed and in place.Market growthKudler Fine Foods has a few ideas to grow their company over the next five years. For one, they would like to start a catering service. They would like to open a few stores over the...

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