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Team Performance: Improve Patient Safety And Quality

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I. Background
II. Literature Review
III. Nursing Implications
IV. Strategies to Address Issue
V. Conclusion

A culture of safety requires the commitment of leadership to positively impact outcomes. Recent emphasis on the new CMS guidelines and third party reimbursement initiatives associated with patient outcomes, has grabbed the attention of leadership at all healthcare organizations. Additionally, our system wide organization’s employee culture of safety survey has shown that communication and teamwork are areas were improvements are needed. Years of research on communication and teamwork in highly reliable organizations support a correlation with safety. (XX) One of the most important and highly touted Joint Commission, National Patient Safety Goals is to improve communication across the healthcare continuum. (JC .com) Additionally, the organization’s patient occurrences were reviewed through root cause analysis and the source is often linked to a failure to effectively communicate and role confusion. Well defined roles within the team model can help improve communication, including mitigating variables such as distractions, individual emphasis on the wrong information, and a breakdown in communication. (XXX) Implementation of a formal teamwork program is one way to systematically approach risk reduction within an organization. (Botwinick, L., Bisognano, M., & Harden, C., 2006) (Leonard, M., Frankel, A., Federico, F., Frush, K., & Haraden, C., 2013)
Healthcare is focused on safety and quality outcomes, with a new emphasis on financial sanctions if positive outcomes are not achieved. Consumers are armed with information about outcomes and satisfaction. This has motivated organizations to direct resources toward improving safety, quality and satisfaction. The success in highly reliable industries such as with nuclear and transportation, of positively impacting safety outcomes through improved teamwork and crew resource management has been published (XXXIHI). Application of these same principles in healthcare, have been identified as a strong means to mitigating adverse events and negative outcomes. Creating team oriented culture as an approach to patient care can effectively strengthen the goal for enhancing communication and ultimately lead to positive safety and quality outcomes. (XXX)
The goal for our organization is to systematically implement a formal team program beginning with training trainers and then implementing the program starting with the high risk areas and proceeding to all patient care environments. The high-risk environments will include Perioperative, Operative, ICU, ED and Obstetrics, with one area selected to pilot. The programs to be utilized will be TeamStepps and Team Performance Plus.
Literature Review
A search through MEDLINE, and PubMED, with the search terms, teamwork, quality, safety, TeamStepps, collaborative work, communication and...

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