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Team Selection Essay

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Managers or team leaders should consider several factors when putting together an organizational team. The criteria used in selecting individuals are important and can mean the success or failure of the team or even the organization. Team leaders must obtain the correct personality-job fit.To obtain that "fit" the team leader must first understand the task and the team's requirements. Next, the leader must consider three important elements (McShane-Von Glinow, Chapter 8):1. Task characteristics--the leader must ensure tasks are understandable and easy to execute.2. Team size--there must be enough members to ensure all the required skills and perspectives are present while maintaining efficient participation of each member.3. Team composition--members must be motivated to work together toward a common goal.Johnson, Heimann and O'Neill (2000) assert that successful team members should respect the uniqueness of other members. Additionally, members must take responsibility for, and monitor their own performance.The team I selected for the simulation is Lisa Stafford, Daniel Nichols, Nicola Minelli, and John Connor. The strengths I saw in Lisa were her analytical abilities. Daniels strengths were that he worked well with others in resolving issues. Nicola had good observation and analytical skills.John's strength lay primarily in his ability to control situations. I chose these individuals because their skills and values matched closely with the team's tasks.The factors I considered to effectively manage my team were what each member valued, such as public recognition, promotion, financial incentive or other rewards. I was cognizant of their level of motivation and had to ensure each clearly understood his/her role, tasks to complete and the timeline while ensuring each maintained a clear focus on the goal, and match the members to tasks.Matching a team member's personality to the task plays an important role. For example, Lisa had to interact with others to build her case files and Daniel served as moderator of self-help groups. Nicola did follow-ups with clients and John supervised confrontation sessions. I matched each personality type as closely as possible to his/her role requirement. Interacting with others effectively was essential for the team's success.In describing each personality preference in the MBTI assessment and how this may affect the way an employee carries out his/her tasks. The following types were adapted from Hirsch and Kummerow, 1998 (James).a. E vs. I: E (Extrovert) types enjoy working in teams, like being around others, prefer a variety of tasks, are impatient with long, tedious jobs and tend to act quickly with little reflection. I (Introvert) types are quite the opposite. They prefer working alone or in small intimate groups, prefer working on one task at a time and think before acting. Management should try and match extroverts with tasks that are short, varied and requires teams.b. N vs. S: N (Intuitive) types rely on...

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