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Team Skills PaperWhen developing an organization, many things need to be considered. The different skills of each individual should be recognized. The skills that will be required to perform tasks should also be identified. By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements, the organization can then move forward and offer valuable assets to those they are seeking to help. This paper will provide a summary of skills that the members of Learning Team B possess, skills needed, strategies for developing needed skills, and the types of consulting the team is most prepared for.Summary of Team SkillsAs a strategic organization, there will be the extra benefit of founding members with varied professional backgrounds. The organizations main goal will be to provide the best possible opportunities for growth, development, marketing, research and implementation of the industry's specific goals. The main goals of the organization will be met as well as the best possible customer service provided by utilizing the proficient skills of the founding members. The base of the organization is structured around focusing on each member's strongest skills and utilizing these skills to achieve customer satisfaction. Through experience and training members of the organization, possess expertise in problem solving, communication, customer service, leadership and teamwork. In order to benefit the organization as well as each potential customer certain members are proficient in leadership, cross selling, multi- tasking and research. In order to successfully operate it is essential that members of the organization posses different skills in a variety of areas to deal with each customer and scenarios efficiently, adequately, and uniquely.Types of Consulting FirmsCommunication consultants create strategies for businesses that need to improve their communication skills in order to become more successful. This is done by identifying the underlying issues causing communication problems within the company and then giving the company specific strategies for fixing these problems. Communication consultants keep clients informed, work under deadlines, practice active listening, conduct interviews and surveys, research, and present reports to clients (Whitwell, Arganbright, 1998). The skills of the team members fit all of the skills necessary to be a successful communication consultant because these are all similar to skills that we have implemented in our courses of study.Interviewing is one of the most critical aspects to any organization. It is necessary to have knowledgeable interviewers that can shift away from the traditional interview questions to be certain that the organization is able to sift through a sea of people to find the best possible fit.What needs to be realized is that even though some traditional interview questions still apply today, we currently live in an ever-changing...

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