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Team Transformation Process: The Case Of Dragon’s Den Team

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For the purpose of this essay, author would try to incorporate the learning from session 1 and 2 of People, Organisations and High Performance Teams for part 1 of the MBA at University of Waikato. This essay would discuss a team scenario from Dragon’s Den team that author was part of during the 2013 Dragon’s Den at Hamilton Campus. Author would try to incorporate various theories to critically analyse various phases that the team went through and try to derive learning from those situations.
Team formation process began when Dragon’s Den assessment was issued to the cohort and the first two members started the process of recruiting team members. Recruitment process was autonomous and team members were chosen based on their area of expertise. The team acknowledged the fact that there was a need to recruit people that can bring different skills to the project. The goal was to come up with the business idea that can generate investor interest and thus would lead to operationalize it into a profitable business. The recruitment originally ended with the recruitment of the author. However, later there was one more entry into the team as there was one member who was not a part of any team and an option was given to that member to choose the team of their choice by the instructor. The team ended with six members from different backgrounds, age, skills, gender and experiences. According to the definition of team from the learning of session 1, a team consists of two or more people who communicate and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal. Dragon’s Den team can fit these criteria.
The process of choosing the project started with the original five team members going through their first meeting over a dinner party. Team members shared their views on what would be the industry of the future and their own ideas as what could be a good business model. At this stage, no formal roles were defined. There was an unspoken agreement that the team will be a self-managed team without a leadership role. However, one of the team members was a successful project manager and thus the team agreed on him to become a coordinator. This initial meeting falls under the forming stage. At this stage there is a degree of uncertainty and the team members are still trying to figure out their place in the team (Tuckman, 1965, p. 384). There was an agreement on some generic norms. These included hard work, dedication, respect and transparency. The team decided to meet again after researching on the outcomes of first meeting. At this stage there was still not role definition, as the project topic was not finalised.
Initial team consisted to three male and two female members. Three male members were of South African, Indian and New Zealand Maori ethnicity with approximately 52, 31 and 38 years of age respectively. Two female members were of South African and New Zealand Pakeha nationality and were 32 and 45 years respectively. As we can see, there is a good range of age...

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