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Team Work Efficiency Essay

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DQ #1: What is your communication modality (research this online – hint: look for visual auditory kinesthetic) and how will you use it to help people communicate with you?

Due to short-time interactions typical for the contemporary global environment people cannot build personal trust based on some history on relationship, professional expertise or other grounds (Stanley, 2005). “The easiest place to start is with communications. Communicating in a manner that cultivates and promotes "trust" requires the ability to understand what others need to see and hear in order to perceive that trust exists” (Mercurio, 2005, p.7).
Expressive and receptive modes of communication of individuals may ...view middle of the document...

“Many good speakers will connect aurally with their audiences, telling dramatic stories and effectively pacing their speeches to hold people's attention” (Morgan, 2001, p.112). To communicate clearer to kinesthetic part of interlocutors, some emotional communication (e.g. “do you sense…”, “my feeling is…”, etc.) can be added.
Development of communication means in the XXI century creates unique conditions for the evolving sustain collaboration of people across vast spatial and temporal boundaries (Hinds, Liu, & Lyon, 2011, p.135). However, “face-to-face communication possesses a certain number of important features such as temporal pattern (synchronous), completeness of the channel (verbal, visual, gestural, graphical...) and implicit communication. The available technology cannot support all of these features and remains limited” (Safin, Juchmes, & Leclercq, 2012, p.3484)
Ability to communicate in a virtual environment can be increased essentially when a person knows how to “flex” to the variety of interlocutor’s communication modalities and to compensate the gap in its incompleteness. For example, formal presentations through videoconferencing will most probably suit visual recipients. However, their hit can be improved when the presenter make an attempt to address the auditory interlocutors by trying to speak slower, to repeat, to paraphrase, to make necessary breaks, and even seek a response and test the meaning if possible. Kinesthetic will most probably cope with understanding of charts and diagrams, however will enjoy a bit of interaction (e.g. slide animation or web-links can be added).

DQ #2: How would you design a process to optimize team dynamics?

A team is a group of two or more people, who are identified by others and by themselves as a social entity within an organization, and who interact and influence each other to accomplish common goals (Hiriyappa, 2008). Teamwork synergies allow achieving something beyond the mere sum of individual efforts of team members working alone. “It is also critical … that the team members recognize their complementary skills, their common purpose, common goals, and mutual accountability. …These factors … make them a team in contrast to a group” (Byrd, & Luthy, 2010, p.13).
Team outcomes depend on integration of many different activities of individuals who often take distinct roles and behaviors when working in groups. “Group dynamics can be examined based on factors that enhance group interactions and learning in a diverse and multicultural team” (Binsiddiq, & Alzahmi, 2013, p.121). Nature of complex group process interactions, or team dynamics, depends on the following components: (a) group objectives, (b) size, (c) norms, (d) cohesiveness, (e) status, and (f) roles (Hiriyappa, 2008). Understanding group process can improve team’s behavior and performance, as well as capitalize on diverse ideas (Hitt, Black, & Porter, 2004). “It is imperative to understand group dynamics within multicultural teams...

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