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Teamwork Analysis

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Teamwork Analysis


The purpose of this assignment is for each learning team to apply what
team members are learning about successful teams to an in-depth
analysis of itself. As teams go through development stages, the
members learn how people feel about themselves and what the content of
the task that is to be accomplished, based on each stage that is

Describe the process your team has used to form, storm, norm, and
perform. At this point, where do you believe your team is in the team
formation process?

Team A was initially formed by our professor, and everyone had their
anxieties and questions about the other members. After the team was
formed, a Team Charter was developed to gather information about
everyone on one document, so we would all know each others strengths,
weaknesses, and contact information. We realized that our team was a
diverse team, with members scattered in several different time zones,
including Africa. We had an initial conference call to check the
temperature of everyone, but not everyone could participate in the
call. Once everyone agreed to the team charter, it was suggested that
each person on the team be a leader for a week, leaving the last week
without an actual leader. The plan was to let the last week have
everyone work together without a leader, but to draw virtual straws to
decide who would post that week’s team assignment. The team members
were listed in alphabetical order, which is the same order each person
was assigned a week.

Team A was successful at reaching the next stage of development, which
is storming. The team had some initial problems during the process of
posting the team assignments. The team had not approved the posting
that was submitted, which was incomplete. The issue went through a
resolution process to fix the problem. Another team member took the
initiative and reposted the assignment after it was edited, formatted,
and team approved. We moved forward as a team, and were able to
refocus our goals, using our Team Charter as a guideline.

Team A successfully arrived at the next stage of team development,
which is norming. The concept of norming is described in an article
by Caouette and O’Connor (1998) as “Stage III (norming) includes the
emergence of group cohesion and harmony. The group begins to develop
into a functioning unit. The task side exhibits open dialog among
members, sharing of information, and generating alternative options
and choices.” Support of each other is the overall outcome that has
been achieved by Team A, as we have adjusted to each other. We have
learned that each of us has our own personal issues, whether they are
family, work, or travel, and that we may not be able to respond as
quickly as others.

Performing is the next stage of team...

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