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Work groups are the basic building blocks of an organization, and contribute toorganizational effectiveness when group goals are aligned with organizational goals,and a team is a specific type of group. In most organizations today formal groups mayconsist of employees who are responsible for an identifiable work process, a specificproject, or a problem that needs solving, and are often referred to as a "team", and hasthe potential to dramatically affect an organization's performance.In recent years, teams have emerged as the most important group phenomenonin organizations. The term "team" is not new to organizations, and teamwork has beenstressed throughout the year. Today, teams are becoming increasingly popular, sofocusing on how to improve and enhance the performance of the teams inorganizations is an important topic to organizations.Teams are groups of people who share a common purpose, who depend oneach other to accomplish their purpose, develop relationships with each other andoutsiders and eventually develop roles in the team. These teams can be intact workgroups working for the same person, or can be from different functions or organizations.In these times of constant modification within organizations, it is essential for teams andteam members to understand their strengths and weaknesses.Effective teamwork can help a company deal with the ongoing changes and cancreate an environment to find better behaviors to solve problems, resolve conflicts, andset goals, whether they be to provide the best possible service, to be the top salesdistrict, or to plan exciting company events. Teams have an important place in ourprofessional and personal lives. Working in teams is an inevitable life experience, evenfor people who prefer to work alone. Working on teams can normally prove verychallenging with all of the variations in personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.An effective teamwork does not happen overnight; it takes a cooperative groupof individuals and a talented leader. To avoid a stiff structure in an organization,management must learn to let people do their creative best and optimize their talent. Anideal organization consists of a team-oriented environment where people are beingasked to work beyond their disciplines. Departments learn to work together, helping oneanother, as well as themselves, instead of behaving like rivals, only out for theirpersonal advancement.Generally, there are three main characteristics for a team to be successful; theymust share a common goal, each member must play their own particular role, and eachmember must be willing to make a few sacrifices. The most important aspect must bethe common goal of the group. Even though the members of the team have differentviews, even though they come from different backgrounds, even if they have differentambitions, this common goal is what will unite and bind the group together. If the teamis to truly be a success, each member will have to play his or her role properly....

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