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1. INTRODUCTIONTeams are a part of everyone's life. You're a member of a family team, an extension staff team, and church, school, and community teams. As a result, there is a need for teamwork; organisations are confronted with increasingly complex problems with many dimensions. For example, the energy problem has implications for extension programming in agriculture, family living, community development and youth development programs for both rural and urban people. (Dyer, 1997 p. 139) So it's appropriate that people try to understand how to function effectively as team members.2. WHAT CONSTITUTES TEAM WORK?2.1 Teamwork ...Merriam Webster dictionary (2005) describes teamwork as work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole. Nevertheless greater interpersonal skills are necessary if teams work together effectively at more complex levels. (Belbin, 1981)2.2 Characteristics needed for team workDouglas McGregor's (cited in Heil, 2000) list of the unique characteristics of an effective management team include 1)Understanding, mutual agreement, and identification with respect to the primary task 2)Open communications 3)Mutual trust 4)Mutual support 5)Management of human differences leading to group synergy 6)Selective use of the team7)Appropriate member skills 8) Leadership: Managing and integrating the other 7 characteristicsA team is only as strong as the individual members. Stronger, more productive teams are comprised of individuals who know how teams work, how to make them work better and how they can best contribute. If individuals don't have the proper skills to be an effective team member then productivity of the team is compromised. (Katzenbach, 1998)2.3 Team BuildingIt's important to realize that the development of effective working relationships among staff is a gradual process which requires considerable time and skill, this is not meant to discourage team members, but to help them realize that teams aren't created overnight (Francis, 1979 p.261) a certain amount of frustration and conflict are normal. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (Myers, 1962) is a self-report instrument that establishes individual preferences based on the theory of C.S. Jung, (Hyde, 1992) a well- known Swiss psychiatrist. The idea behind the MBTI is that human behavior is actually logical and orderly, and this assessment tool establishes a framework for individual differences between people. Because it is objective and non-judgmental, the instrument verifies that each individual has a preferred path to excellence, and that all preferences are equally valuable. Team development is often viewed as a series of stages, described below. Although all the attributes and skills needed for an ideal working relationship (as listed in the preceding section) are important at every stage, some become more crucial as the team develops and staff members increase their level of involvement (Dyer,...

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