Tears In The Heartland: A Review Of What Happened In The Oklahoma City Bombing On The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

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The Oklahoma City Bombing took place at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995 (Clark). Several people were injured and even killed in the event (Sherrow). Oklahoma City, also known as the Heartland, will never be the same again and neither will the peoples' lives that were involved (Walker).The explosion took place in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City (Clark). The Murrah Building was built nine stories high (Clark). When the bomb exploded those nine stories came tumbling down to the ground with hundreds of people inside it (Clark).The bomb was so powerful that it blew a crater that measured to be eight feet deep and twenty feet wide (Pressley A:01). The bomb was made in a Ryder moving truck, which was parked where the crater was created (Pressley A:01). The bomb itself was homemade with 2,200 kg of ammonium nitrate and fuel packed into the back of the rental Ryder truck (Walker). The truck was parked in front of the building where it was all windows and glass doors (Pressley A:01).The explosion was felt and heard by people more than thirty miles away from the building (Sherrow). People who were blocks away were blown out of their chairs, and windows shattered several miles away (Pressley A:01).Several rescue workers put in their time and effort searching for the victims (Sherrow). They searched everywhere through the rubble and continued working even after the last alive victim was found (Sherrow). The workers looked where they heard the cries of the victims (Sherrow). 100 physicians were in a conference in Houston and flew back immediately after hearing the tragic news (Sherrow). Several other physicians came and volunteered to help as much as possible (Sherrow). One doctor had to amputate the second to the last survivor to be found Daina Bradley's leg in order to get her out of the rubble (Sherrow). She had very little anesthetics because they were afraid she would loose consciousness (Sherrow).Over 100 loved ones of the victims waited at the Family Assistance Center for good news on their family (Pressley A:01). They gave the workers pictures and information about their loved ones, to make it easier for identification (Pressley A:01). Several people went to the First Christian Church on 36th Street to mourn (Pressley A:01). There were also thirty children in the daycare center that day of which only two of the thirty came out alive (Pressley A:01). Most of the children were there while their parents worked in different parts of the building (Pressley A:01). Some, however, came from the community (Pressley A:01). At 10:00 am there were more that fifty survivors taken from the rubble; at 10:00 pm the time ran out and the 59th survivor, the last survivor, was rescued (Pressley A:01).During the time of their search for survivors several bomb threats and other bomb scares occurred which spread an outbreak of bomb threats on other federal buildings (Pressley A:01). Luckily, all of the bomb threats were false alarms (Pressley A:01)....

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