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Tears Of The Poor Essay

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A regular person wakes up, eats breakfast, gets into a car and drives though a busy city, enjoying view of skyscrapers. Goes to work, eats food on the run, comes back home to watch 42 inch TV, plays on an iPhone and goes to sleep on a kind size bed. Simple, normal, and regular life of a person living in a good country. Nothing special or anything unusual; most people live same lives and everybody seem happy and healthy. That’s the life people get in the development countries. What people seem to forget is that the world has underdevelopment countries and people’s lives in that country are way different. They don’t drive cars, or sleep on king size beds. They are not healthy, they don’t wear expensive clothes. They don’t watch big screen TVs or have smartphones. Some of them live without gas, water or food. They don’t laugh as much and most of them are not happy. But to understand what an underdevelopment country is, let’s take a look at the dictionary definition. ( dictionary) “Underdevelopment country is a country that is less developed economically than most others, with little industry and little money spent on education, health care…poor country.” But how countries can become less developed than other countries? Why do they become underdeveloped? Underdevelopment of a countries economy can be attributed to number of factors. This essay will focus on lack of natural resources, corruption and luck of functioning government. After this essay it will be easier to understand how all of those factors are connected to each other and how does it affect population in underdevelopment countries.

Natural resources may look like a not a very important factor for country’s development, but research argues the opposite. It can be very helpful, not only for the government but also for people living in that country. When country has natural resources, it can benefit from it in many ways. If country is rich with natural resources it can be used for country’s own benefit. But what is even more important that it can be sold to other countries. In that way government can make more money by selling their resources or exchange for something else which can be also beneficial. (Joseph Stiglitz, 2012) “…countries whose major source of revenue is natural resources can use them to finance education, healthcare, development and redistribution.” When government gets money from other countries for their resources, these money can be used on good cause. Such as the ones that Joseph Stiglitz listed in his essay. It’s very known that education and health care are one of most important things for a better and richer life. When people have a chance to get education, they have a chance to get better jobs and provide for their families, and also to be involved in economic growth which also benefits the government. But it’s hard to get education when there is no support from the government. And it’s hard to stay healthy without government providing good health...

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