Technology And Change Management Paper

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Technology and Change Management Paper

Changes are occurring constantly in the health care environment, which impact the overall operations of the industry. Technology is constantly advancing, which forces businesses to adapt to today's information-age economy. "It is the information age – a time when knowledge is power. Today, more than ever, businesses are using information and technology to gain and sustain a competitive advantage" (Haag, Cummings, and McCubbrey, 2005, p.4). In order to compete in this rapidly changing industry, businesses must understand the environment and recognize that technology is the force behind the change. This paper will discuss the best practices used in the health care industry related to electronic tracking, how the industry adapts to the technology and change management issues, and identifies how best practices are used in other industries to meet today's changing environment.
Best Practices in Healthcare
The health care industry has adapted well to change. With the influx of medication errors, malpractice lawsuits, and miscommunication between departments; patient tracking has become the solution to the mismanagement of data. This concept represents "the time dimension of information, it has two aspects: (1) having access to information when you need it, or timeliness, and (2) having information that describes the time period you are considering" (Haag, Cummings, and McCubbrey, 2005, p.6). Automatic tracking allows hospitals to monitor the quality of the data and adherence to documentation policies as well as how they use the data from the computerized patient records for healthcare quality initiatives, medical research and support of accurate charging. A key feature of their work is real-time, on-demand reporting from any workstation (Kindred, 2005).
Automatic tracking systems provides up-to- the second information about the physical location of patients, charts and equipment. The status and overall progression of the visits are monitored as well as the utilization and status of a room. With just the click of a mouse a patient is located in the hospital within seconds. All patients and staff wear small badges, which emit a signal every three seconds that are received by sensors located throughout the hospital. The system associates badge numbers with patients, staff or equipment. Simply locating is just the most basic feature, tracking the progression of visits and determining what has been done and what needs to be done can also be determined through this system. The system also keeps a log of all interactions between patients and staff members. As a result, department managers can accurately measure time spent with patients. In addition, if a patient complains that staff was unavailable to checked on him even...

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