Technology And Society Essay

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Technology and Society

Historical evolution of technology and its impact on society

In society today, technology plays an important role in people's lives and in businesses and organizations around the world. "Most technologies existing today were designed to expedite the way we manage, store, handle, analyze, and communicate information." It has evolved over many years and the beginning of it can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution where machines began to replace the manual labor of skilled workers. Since then, technology has brought about many changes that have affected businesses and people both in a positive and negative manner. However, getting employees and managers to accept it hasn't always been an easy task. "Even when employees think technology is a good idea, many don't take to it naturally." The reason that employees resist change with technology varies from employee to employee. Whether they are concerned about how foolish it can make them look, don't understand the need for it, or worried that it could be replacing them in the future, there's usually some sort of hesitance. Nonetheless, many accept and welcome the challenge because it can make many jobs and lives easier.
The evolution of technology has provided for faster communication methods, has made storing data easier, and has made some jobs less complicated. Before the telephone was invented in the late 1800's by Alexander Graham Bell, communication over long distances could take considerable amounts of time. The process was usually very slow by way of a messenger or through the mail. There was not the ease of picking up a telephone, sending an e-mail, using pagers, or text messaging the way technology has allowed us to do so today. An important factor in determining the success of a business is being able to communicate information in a timely manner. "Clearly, nothing has changed communication in organizations more dramatically than advances in technology." Business and organizations now use these technological advancements to their benefits and the impact it has made has been enormous. In today's world, it is not uncommon to have meetings or teleconferences as they are called, where managers and their field employees can discuss planning and strategies from different parts of the world. It is crucial for many organizations to have the information readily available to them so they can make the necessary adjustments or implement a new process. This is extremely important when the change has occurred pertaining to the business. This shows why having good communication is essential to running a successful organization.
Another important impact technology has had on society is the ease and handling of the way businesses and organizations store their data. Many companies simply filed...

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