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Technology In Business Essay

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Technology is something that is very beneficial to the world, and it is constantly used in a majority of everyday life. Without it the world would be a completely different place. Especially in businesses whether they are small privately owned companies, or large corporate owned. Technology will be used to further the business venture to continually make sure that things run as smooth as they can to ensure that the business remains stable for the future. With the desire for all businesses to make more money and it ended up being fueled through the use of technology in business. As businesses like Microsoft and Apple began to further develop themselves they were used more frequently in businesses (Meyer). The programs created by the two major companies were used to make business to business shipments easier to keep track of. Information technology in business greatly benefits how well the company can function together as a whole. The use of different technologies can be used to make distribution quicker and highly available to the public (McClure). Others will disagree but the use of technology in business will remain beneficial.
A majority of businesses all around use technology in some way in their establishment. Technology is used to ring in orders, keep track of inventory, and to keep track of all the situations that come through the business. When using technology for these things are not as hard to keep track of, and there is not an issue to worry about if something were to get miscalculated. The use of technology would keep up with the cost of different items and would properly calculate and keep track of ending sales price. When interviewed Brett Strickland, owner of Strickland Marine Center, was asked if Strickland Marine used technology in the business, and if so how they went about using it. He responded by saying,
Yes, we use technology. We use technology to keep inventory of all our parts and accessories throughout the year. We also use it to keep track of all boat, motor, and trailer inventory. We use schedulers to keep our service department running smoothly. We also use the scheduler to keep track of how far along boats are that have come in for service. We have also set up a website that makes it easier for us to contact those who may have questions for us that may not be able to visit the store. (Strickland-Strickland Marine)
Even in businesses that are small and privately owned it is beneficial to use technology for everything that they have to keep up with. Brett’s father David Strickland, owner of Captain Dave’s Boating World, does not have the same viewpoint as his son on the use of technology in business. He said that, “Yes we do use technology in our business but we use it strictly to ring people out at the register and order parts. A majority of everything else that we do, including work orders, is done by hand. ” (Strickland-Captain Dave’s). Those who feel that technology is not beneficial to their business think of...

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