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Technology In Public Administration Essay

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In the arena of public administration there are many challenges that an organization will face in order to meet their company goals. Most of those challenges will come from being able to adapt to the advancement of technology and adapting to the changes as they come. Because unlike anything else in the world, business technologies can either make a business successful or break a business down. If a business is unable or refuses to adapt and change then that business will cease to exist. Technology is fast paced and it will not slowdown for anybody to catch up. For a person looking for a job in the1980’s before the internet, a person will fill out a resume dress up nicely and turn in a hard copy to also have an interview that very same day. Because of technology today’s young people fill out there resumes on their computers. Then they send it attached to an email to the HR of the establishment they would like to work at and wait for a reply if they are selected. The world of public administration will change to become more efficient for PA and in the near future people might have to compete with robots who will replace people in the future.
During colonial times political order was being replaced by an emerging industrial market in which people believed that position could not be achieved but inherited by wealth. So if a person was very wealthy then they had the power and position in public service. But Andrew Jackson believed that public service should be open to anyone in the society and that wealth did not determine your position in the federal side since the government jobs did not require experience. This form of public administration is not efficient because the people hired would be corrupted because they are not qualified for their qualifications but by their wealth and power in the society. In the 21st century technology advancement has been flowing so fast that it leaves some businesses or government agencies in a puddle. So they did not focus so much on performance oriented recruiting and now those agencies are corrupt.
Impact of technology
In the course of time World War II and the Great Depression of the 1930s public administration’s roles change from being personnel systems to “human resource management” which is more professional. In 1993 civil service had a radical reform as to the minimum requirements needed for a supervisor position. This meant that with the advancement of technology, the minimum requirement for personnel will increase as well. Because employees will need to be more literate, productive and motivated to progress and when they progress the business improves. The negative thing of technology in Public Administration is that it will affect the workers performance while they work. Unproductively workers could be on their facebook page or on youtube during work hours just streaming while work piles up. Or they could also use technology to negatively impact an organization by using that technology to steal, alter,...

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