Technology In Vce Commerce Subject: Year 11 Business Management

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'Australian business studies programmes have been slow to respond to the need to integrate information technologies into the core studies and assessment materials"."The impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on society is having profound effects on the way the economy operates, on how people work, learn and spend their leisure time, and on how they communicate with each other" (Gilbert, 2001)."In using ICT's in the teaching and learning of SOSE, we have a rich source of innovative learning experiences which we cannot ignore... The rich variety of information available on the Internet is a major resource for schools and students. Thompson (1996) identifies four strengths for the World Wide Web (WWW) as a resource for teaching, since it provides: Interesting and useful information; The means to communicate with others to exchange ideas and information and to establish networks; A forum for consultation and dialogue about important matters; A place to publish products constructed from words, images and sounds" (Gilbert, 2001)."In many ways, Australia has been a leader in ICT and education since the earliest days" (Elliot, 2004). I believe that Australia has not been slow to respond to the need on integrating ICT into education programmes.During my teaching rounds at _________________________ I was able to observe how teachers are incorporating ICT into their subjects, especially in VCE. I have decided to focus on Unit 1 of Business Management to demonstrate how the study design promotes ICT use in this subject and how the school responded to this.The Business Management study design states that "in designing courses and developing learning activities for Business Management teachers are encouraged to make use of applications of information technology and new learning technologies, such as computer-based learning, multimedia and the World Wide Web" (Business Management study design, 1999). The study design also gives specific examples of ICT programs and activities that could be used in Unit 1. Some of these include; the use of a spreadsheet to establish costing for the establishment and operation of a small business over a six month period, or, the Internet to locate information on the local, state and national support services to small business. The examples that make use of information technology are also make easily identifiable for teachers using an IT icon.The study design also suggests possible assessment tasks teachers could use that incorporate ICT elements, for example developing a business plan. A learning activity related to this assessment task could include an online investigation of government regulations for the relevant industry affected by the business plan.At __________ Secondary College teachers are required to hold one period a week for each subject in a computer room and incorporate ICT into their lesson plan. I observed a number of effective and engaging lessons that integrated...

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