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Technology Is One Important Factor In Successful Military Innovations

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On the other hand, the British created the research directorate within the British minister of air and during the radar research development Wattson Watt anticipated the creation of the Central Control Room that would receive all the information of the multiple estations including aircraft transponders. This assets were added to the antiair defense system. It means that the British air force realize that the development of new technology is accompanied with the organizational adaptations. In 1935 Wattson Watt proposed that the line of stations operating in 13m should become the chain home radio system defense, generating another organizational adaptation. In 1938 the fighter command created the filter room at Bentley that became the nerve center of the air defense system. At the overcome of WWII land lines were interconnected between eighteen chain home stations. They covered the channel coast until the Scottish border. Between 1939 and 1949 the air fitness rules changed allowing to have more school teachers to the British air force to convert them in air radar operators. The radio operator speciality was subdivided to create the maintenance radar service too. As we can see the Germans made mistakes integrating new radar assets to its organization considering it unnecessary. On the other hand, the British by suggestion of the researchers adapted the radar development to its organization improving the antiair defense system and creating new specialities in their air force. During this time many procedures and techniques were discovered and applied in the British air force.
Finally it is important to determine the doctrinal changes that the Radar generated. In 1939 Germans created the Freyra radar system to give warning in a range of 100 kilometers. In WWII the British launched a bomber raid attack to the port of Willkresmahaven. Its defenses did not know how to react quickly against them. They realized that it was necessary to change procedures and techniques to adapt the radar to their defense systems. On the other hand the British, pressed by urgent sense, developed more operational procedures to employ their new radars. Once the radar was developed they created a early warning system with radars and filter rooms interconnected with the communication network. They created a fighter command linked with the early warning...

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