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With the technology that we are given at hand today, we are virtually capable of learning and creating an infinite amount of content and knowledge through, smart phones, TVs, computers, and now tablets. We use technology in numerous ways for creating ideas, tools, entertainment, transportation and communication. In fact, we use technology so much that people are beginning to question whether new technology is going to benefit humans in the future. Ever since the acute advance in technology has erupted, humans are unquestioning and relying on technology for everyday obstacles which has convinced people that technology can be more detriment to humans than beneficial.
Dating back to when technology wasn’t as advance, people had a hard time traveling; communicating, and being entertained. It wasn’t until technology that came along and changed people’s way of life. The discovery of personal computers gave the consumer power of creating anything they can imagine, digitally, on a computer was what began engineers and scientist to help create a network that connected everyone’s content. Thus spawned the internet that was capable of sharing countless original content across the globe instantly and helped people communicate and interact as well with the World Wide Web. Through the internet, people created many different websites and applications for everything you can think of for example, “Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington” changed how shopped and sold products form companies and individual users. This all added up to cell phones being able to easily access the internet for anyone that had one. So everyone that had a cell phone can choose to have internet access on it, hence “smart phones”. With smart phones out, more people bought them and obtained the internet, using it to the best of its ability and introduced habits on checking your phone every two minutes and addictions to the internet.
Having advance technology at your disposal can invite you to use it for anything that troubles you but soon enough you cannot get away from it and may start to believe you truly need it at all times. You may think that you won’t get addicted but the reality is humans are becoming too cocksure that technology will produce the best, fastest, and most accurate solution possible. Technology has allowed us to have multiple applications on a smart phone or tablet for different needs. There are applications for social networking which is a popular way to communicate with someone and eliminating the option of having to wait to see them. Facebook (Created by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in February 2004) has “1.19 billion as of September 30, 2013”. Facebook, “Investor Relations”. People can be connected to each other at all times of the day through technology this advance. Which why people actively use technology to inform them about things that are of importance to...

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