Technology's Hold On Civilization Essay

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Technology is an application of tools and methods in which the study, development, and application of devices, machines, and techniques for manufacturing more and better products is used by people to constantly make their lives easier and increase their ability to do work more efficiently. The progression of technology over the past century has greatly influenced the course of American society on an economical, social, and political level. Throughout the history of the United States, many people believed that the development of technology was an essential instrument to the advancement of civilization. Because of this, the rate of technological innovations has increased exponentially, and these innovations tend to transform traditional social systems with unexpected consequences. Depending on how technology is applied, it can be conceived as both a creative and a destructive process to promoting or destroying life.In the beginning of the 20th century, technological advancements began seeing an increase in rate of development especially as people began realizing the importance of making their lives easier and more productive. In addition, the economical and political aspects of America highly influenced many of these innovations to be created in order to satisfy the calling for better convenience of travel, communication, and solving problems in the workplaceIn 1902, Willis Carrier developed the first air conditioning in response to fluctuations in heat and humidity in print shops that needed this because it prevented paper from shrinking and made sure that various printing processes were possible. The new air conditioning machine created a stable environment and aligned four-color printing became possible. As the technology for air-conditioning became more mainstream and easy to produce, air-conditioning systems became very common in homes, offices, theaters, factories, airplanes, and automobiles. Their ability to keep the temperature and moisture level at optimal levels because a necessity among society; therefore, creating a new market within the industry over a short period of time. Air-conditioning systems have allowed people to live and work in various climate locations at a comfortable level, and have become very important to many work and technical processes.During this time-period, long-distance traveling was limited and often took days to reach locations hundreds or thousands of miles away. However, this all began to change when Orville Wright successfully flew the Flyer, the first heavier-than-air aircraft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903. Although that first flight was flown a very short distance of 120 feet, it represented the beginning of a significant leap in technology and human achievement that would soon change the economic and social infrastructure of America.During World War I, the development of the airplane accelerated dramatically. The concentrated research and development made necessary by wartime...

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