Technology, Surveillance, And A Little Thing We Call Internet Freedom

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What if every move you made, every word you said, every opinion you held was collected to be used against you when you least expected it? For ages technology has been rapidly advancing; from rolling stones (the prehistoric wheel, not to be mistaken for the popular and influential English band) to voice recognition technology advances are constantly being made. These advances have shaped our society and pushed our country to the top of the charts for personal freedoms, healthcare, living standards, and life expectancy. Many questions have been raised by all this change in our society. Many find the growth of our modern technology to be immoral and invasive in our daily lives. Others believe the rapid advancement will lead to a stronger future and more power as a nation. At what point do we have to draw the line and say enough is enough? While technology advances such as stem cell research and body transplants and the reanimation of corpses draws much negative attention what about those that actually do affect our daily lives, even perhaps before we know it? When does the surveillance camera outside the convenience store become a problem? When does the tracking device in your car become inconvenient? The tracking of your internet searches, posts, blogs, downloads, and messages become an invasion of your personal right to privacy?
In June 2013 it was released that Edward Snowden, a former government contractor, leaked a portion of confidential government information regarding the tracking and

Monitoring of private phone calls, emails, internet posts, and communications between countries. In Six months of Revelations on NSA it is stated that “…an internal audit [had shown] that the agency had broken privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since…2008.” The monitoring of communicational traffic was initially put in place after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 to protect the US and its citizens from outside threats as well as home grown issues such as devastating terrorists attacks and data breaches. Its purpose was initially to give the government a heads up in case of any suspicious activity including frequently searched web content. Certain content on the internet is considered to be “objectionable data”. Searching these things will put you on radar and if frequently searched or checked up on a target is placed on your back by the government. It is reported than in 2011, 92,064,862 documents were marked as classified. It is estimated by Eric E. Schmidt and Jared Cohen in their article for The New York Times that over the next ten years some near 5 billion new people will be joining the internet community. That’s potentially 5 billion new internet criminals, also potentially 5 billion new victims of internet crimes. Internet sites keep all the information on their clientele in one massive data base which, believe it or not is not impenetrable. Databases are commonly hacked and personal user information such as phone...

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