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Online GamblingThere is a major issue to be dealt with, which is spreading with little regulatory oversight and no effective screens against participation by the young and the vulnerable. Internet gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of online activity with more than seven hundred web sites now providing users the opportunity to wager everything from casino games to sporting events. According to internet research firms, the industry will pull in $1.5 billion in world-wide revenues this year. That figure is expected to hit at least $6 billion by 2006. Also, a survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project concluded that $4.5 million Americans have gambled online and that 1 million gamble online everyday. Online gambling should be made completely illegal or should be controlled in some manner.There are many different issues dealing with the legalization of online gambling. The current law dealing with online gambling is the Wire Transfer Act of 1961. Under this statute, the law is violated when telephone lines are used in interstate or foreign commerce to place wagers. The statute also bars the transmission of information that assists betters to gamble on sports events and contests. Recently, Congress have been active in seeking to pass further legislation to restrict betting on the web. Last November, the Senate proposed the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. This statute would make it a crime to knowingly use the internet or other interactive computer services to place, receive, or otherwise make a bet or wager; or send, receive, or invite information assisting in the placing of a bet or wager. Penalties would be as high as $20,000 and 4 years in prison. However, in a vote in July, the bill narrowly missed obtaining the two thirds majority required to pass the bill. In May, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act was introduced. This statute would criminalize and prohibit any person engaged in a gambling business from knowingly accepting from another person who is involved in internet gambling a credit card or extension of credits, an electronic transfer of funds, or any instrument payable through a financial institution. This would shield certain financial institutions from liability as long as they do not know that their facilities are being used for online gambling. This bill has also not yet been passed.Either of these Acts would greatly help the problems of online gambling. There are a number of reasons why this booming industry...

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1304 words - 5 pages , Champagen, Illinois "The Case Against Legalized Gambling." National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Washington, D.C., "Task force on gambling addiction in Maryland." Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene alcohol and drug Administration, 2013. Valente, Judith. "An interview with Art Schlichter." People Weekly 15 Jan. 2012: v45 n2 p81 The Ozone Hole Tour: Part I. The History of the Ozone Hole. June 2013. Online. Internet. Nov. 30 2014.

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2262 words - 9 pages Surfing, Internet Gambling, Celebrity Gossip, Websites/Blogs, Social Networks/Dating Sites, Porn, and Online Gaming. IUD is heavily linked to depression, a study shows that 1.2% of people surveyed were addicts of the Internet, a majority suffered from depression this was, Leeds University team stressed that they could not say one caused the other. "What is clear, is that for a small subset of people, excessive use of the Internet could be a warning

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