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Tech Connect: Brief Overview Of Company Essay

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TechConnect of North Carolina is a start –up S-Corporation that is in the process of being formed and will be an ITemployee owned firm.
The primary focus of our business will be providing full-Service IT Support, from IT Consulting; Hardware Repair, Software Updates /Installation, Data backup, data storage and network maintenance, retail/wholesale of varied Technology products.To increase sales directly and indirectly, our site will extend to social networking and various online services.This will be a United States based business serving three major US markets: North Carolina, South Carolina and online/ecommerce.
TechConnect offers on-site diagnosis and repair to small businesses and home ...view middle of the document...

• The keys to success of TechConnect are networking and marketing, quality and responsiveness by getting the job well done at the first time and the generation of repeat customers by creating a name out there.
• The startup primary service that will be offered will be hourly basis technical aid even if retainer projects and contracts will have to be taken into account in the growth of the company in future.
• Even if the local market for this business may not be new, it is wide open for new and expanding consulting firms.
• Outstanding results and promise is what is shown by an initial financial analysis of this venture’s viability. A number of sources have noted that the computer consulting business is quite easy to start up, requires minimal capital and has the potential of being lucrative in today’s high tech world.
In summary, as shown below in the highlights chart, this business plan projects high net profits and rapid growth over the next period of three years.TechConnect will rapidly become a profitable venture for the owners by way of implementing this plan in conjunction with a detailed and comprehensive plan in marketing.

(Source: Own analysis)
A. Mission Statement
TechConnect consulting mission is straightforward and simplified:
Purpose- TechConnect exists...

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