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Techie Essay

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The ones most often working the hardest and ensuring the show comes off to the audience as a success. Techie is defined by Urban Dictionary as the person that runs the technical aspect of the show, such as sound, lights or backstage (Techie). There is more to being a techie than the final performance. Techies are the ones who do a majority of the work, in and outside of rehearsal, but they receive the least of the credit. Skill, work ethic, and quick thinking are what define a techie. Without the techies of a performance the show would not run.
Techies are many things, but they are not everyone in the crew. A techie is not a regular stage crewmember. Stage crewmembers arrive when the cast does and leave soon after the cast does. A techie is there long before the cast and does not leave the stage until they absolutely must to make sure everything runs smooth the next day. Techies are not people who know how the backstage runs but the people who run it and make it part of their life. Anyone can pull a rope for the fly but not everyone is willing to load a twenty-pound weight on to the rope high above the stage. There are many aspects of a production but knowing one does not make a person a techie. A techie knows many duties of the technical crew. Crew consists of sound, lights, stage crew, fly, costume, props, set build, and management. Knowing costumes does not make them a techie because a techie must have a well-rounded knowledge of the stage.
With a major production on the line, much is expected of a techie. Time commitment is one of the major things needed, because being a techie takes numerous hours of the week. Productions and rehearsals can range from a few months to many years, and they must be available for most rehearsals and all performances. Work ethic is necessary for any techie because stage work can get restless and tedious. The job must be done and it is almost a guarantee the actors will not be the ones doing the work. Techies have to work efficiently but also do an adequate job—or the director might have them start over. They need to learn to please the directors and attempt to please the actors to an extent. Techies must take pride in their work as well. They must do all this without complaining. Complaining to the director is a sure fire way for techies to fall from their place on the theater totem pole. Techies have to know what they are getting into before signing up and they must be flexible with change. A techie should do as the director says without complaining—no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Techies who have been around the block know a way to get around both doing things their way and not complaining. They simply suggest what they think would work great. Even though the director might not agree, it allows the director to see the techies have an idea for the show. Techies are expected to be kind to the actors and stay out of their way. This is most often the hardest. Techies and actors may get along off stage but...

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