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Technological Advancements Of The Victorian Period

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The Industrial Revolution changed financial, political and social elements of Victorian society. The revolution can be broken down to the effects of social order and the economy, and the matter of the industrial revolution can then be looked into as parts. In the first stage, it contends the positive effect of the Industrial Revolution on economy and urbanization. There was a colossal benefit picked up from the Industrial Revolution by the privileged and the government. However, the working population experienced the effect of industrialization at an unfortunate time, whereas the poor working conditions were overlooked.
I. The Start of the Industrial Revolution
According to law anybody who was born in the British American colony instead of any of the numerous British colonies held more rights than those deprived of them in others. The law stated that by the law of both God and nature, stood exclusive of any charter that came from the crown, and very well found entitlement to any of the acts of the British Parliament. This gave the British American colony an entitlement to any of the inherent, natural, essential, privileges and liberties that were given to the subjects born in Great Britain. However the situation was not the same for all colonies, and many such as the mighty Indian colony, were much ignored and deprived of basic human rights (Allen).
They spread trade and came in with propositions for it, accompanied with definite and politically thought out steps, gradually started to hold roots in the economies of these potential colonies. Later taking over the governance after influencing the earlier rulers and over ruling their powers and influence, a basic strength that England came with that helped them gain control over so many colonies was the abundant funds that they used to buy people and all the technologies and opportunities they brought with them. Both the British and Americans shared similar cultural values and heritage and therefore did not find it extremely inconvenient to get along, however the relationship between that of a dictator and a colony that is being deprived of a lot of its resources for too less and no autonomy was bound to bring this relationship to a drastic end. As the 18th century concluded, the Portuguese and Spanish powers had melted away on the worldwide scene as other European forces fought to claim now available spot, especially Britain and France.
Hatred developed around the larger part of the populace in America and in colonies, which were widespread over the entire globe, regarding the limitations that had been encroached by the British government, and additionally the predominance of the numerous Red Indians who were native to the land, and made numerous raids, supported by the British government. The Red Indians along with the Britain threatened America’s major social and political organizations, and something had to be done. The war that took place in 1812 had been a milestone towards achieving...

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