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Technical And Ethical Considerations Essay

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Marketing research, is research that compiles and scrutinizes information that pertains to the moving of goods or services from producer to the consumer. This type of research has undergone a resurrection because of the prevailing use of the internet and also because of the mass amounts of social networking around the world.
What the average consumer is not aware is the fact that because of the internet, these companies are now able to collect individual information that is then compiled in a database. This then allows these companies to collect information from unrelated transactions. This type of activity borderlines invasion of privacy which then leads to ethical repercussions. This type of behavior can have serious consequences that effect consumers in ways that are not fully understood. (Masters, 2013)
What most consumers are unaware of is the fact that every time they use the internet to look something up such as clothes to buy, places to stay...etc, there is a trail being left for others to follow. According to the article "The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets," one of the fastest and biggest business growing on the internet, is the business of spying on consumers. The article states that these unscrupulous companies are able to spy on people because of files they can get in to your computer that gathers personal information. These files operate on a single code, that identify the consumer without their knowledge. These files are then sold for a mere tenth of a penny. Those types of codes contain all sorts of personal information, such as what movies you like, what sites you frequent, what books you read and the list goes on and on. (ANGWIN, 2010)
The Wall Street Journal did an in-depth study about the cookies and other surveillance technology that these companies are using on the internet. Their study showed that consumers are being tracked far more than first realized. This type of technology has become far too widespread and is more intrusive than first realized. According to their...

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