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Technical Architecture Document Essay

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Technical Architecture DocumentKudler Fine FoodsUniversity of PhoenixTechnical Architecture DocumentSmith Systems Consulting (SSC) has been contracted by Kudler Fine Foods to develop a frequent shopper program. Kudler Fine Food's goal with the frequent shopper program is to develop customer loyalty and penetrate new market shoppers while tracking their behavior. Smith Systems Consulting has been able to design, host, develop, maintain, support and program systems development for their clients since 1984. Smith Systems Consulting employs over 350 employees and has generated over $45 million in revenue. Smith Systems Consulting was contracted to develop a frequent shopper program by developing a hardware platform, network connections, software development tools, database information, user interfaces, controls and security measures. Each of these aspects will be explained and developed in the following documents.Hardware PlatformKudler Fine Foods has three locations, La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas that all must implement the same hardware to ensure effective deployment of the frequent shopper program produced by Smith Systems Consulting. SSC started with the 56K modems present in each location. This hardware will be replaced with DSL or any other broadband technology to ensure that the frequent shopper program is supported to the fullest extent. Performance testing illustrated that the 56k Modem was too slow to support the network between the locations. KFF will have the opportunity to track the frequent shopper program through the POS system. Another aspect that will allow Kudler to track the buying habits of their customers is the implementation of the barcode system. The barcode readers will allow inventory to be checked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to track the items being purchased. Most products already have a barcode on them so the implementation of the system will be simple. Tracking inventory will allow Kudler to maintain stock and forecast future sales.Network ConnectionsThe main network connection type being utilized by Kudler Fine Foods is a virtual private network or VPN. The VPN is a fully secured network connection that will allow each location to connect to the corporate headquarters and use the file share options within the system. Having all locations linked to each other will allow corporate headquarters to implement other quality assurance measures and track all aspects of the organization. The VPN requires the users to login to the secured network before any information can be obtained or transferred.Software Development TestsSmith Systems ConsultingDatabase InformationKudler Fine Foods currently uses Microsoft Office Access to manage customer, inventory, item, order, order line, store, supplier, tax table and tender. The customer sections manages customer demographics data for each Kudler customers and the data managed in this table allows Kudler to send out...

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