Technical Issues Solution Strategy Essay

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Technical Issues Solution Strategy

In this section, a strategy will be defined to address the issues identified in the previous section. The solutions will leverage Peter principals as the baseline to compare the IT organization issues with principals. The outcome of this effort is to produce a strategy that will be implemented over the number of months.
Principal 1: Recruit, train, and retain World Class IT employees

In order to address the situation that emerged out of the reorganization where IT employees were transfer into different specialties without considering the employees’ career development. I will be recommending the following approach that IT needs to execute that is built considering the Peter principals around the employee retention and recruitment.

First, we need to document the skillsets in house and where we need them. I will advise to do an IT wide IT skillset survey to ask employees to provide list of skillsets they possess and rank them from strongest to weakest. Upon survey completion, it should be compared against the employee current role skillset needs and identify employee who have high degree of compatibility, and employee who have lower degree of compatibility. The employees with low level of compatibility should be offer to placed in role that best leverage their skillsets. After the completion of such placement, provide employees proper training that enrich their skillsets and provide a career development plan that should address areas of improvements in order for the employee to perform their job in best possible way.
Above mention steps will address the dissatisfaction that was caused by the reorganization and misplaced employees will get a opportunity to be at right place to best perform their jobs.
The issues dealing with roles and responsibilities will be partially addressed through the steps taken above during the skillset assessment. I will advise Human Resource department and individual IT department to clarify roles, titles and responsibilities as well as create clear handshake between the teams and deliverables.
Principal 2: Build and Maintain Robust IT Infrastructure.

One of the best steps that IT has taken for the IT Infrastructure is the effort to centralize Infrastructure in the post reorganization environment. However, there are some opportunities in this area.
First step is to document all the hardware and software that is managed by IT. This documentation process should include following information current release, installation date, life cycle end date, planned next release, maintenance cost, IT owner, users base and functional owner.
Once the documentation is complete, an assessment needs to be done to determine, which hardware and software is mission critical to keep company business running. Mission critical systems should be monitor for the uptime and every incident should be documented. This will help IT to focus its attention to critical systems that needs to be available...

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