Technical Manuals This Essay Have Comcompared Two Different Game Manuals In Communication Techniques And In Meeting Its Purpose.

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Manual is a major channel for transmitting the information about the functions of the product and how to use it, and so on. Users buy the product for job or for fun, but the product does not do users any good unless users can understand how to use it to get a job done or have fun (Slatkin 1991, p1). It can be seen that the manual of a product is essential for the application of this product. If it's a good manual, it may make full advantage of the product, even develop it and promote the sales. On the other hand, if it is a manual offering insufficient or wrong information, it may cause low productivity even accidents. In order to achieve the purpose of a manual, manuals are various from product to product in different areas, such as style, target, and so on. The purpose of a game manual is to enable its readers to perform certain actions, so that readers can play the game properly. This paper will discuss the differences between two game manuals, namely, Checkered Flag and Soccer Kid, by using Lockyer and Kaczmarek's PAIBOC principles (Locker, KO. & Kaczmarek, SK, 2004, p2).This essay will first discuss the word expression in these two manuals. In the following part, it will talk about the implication of image in game manuals. Next, it will compare the layout of these two game manuals. In the forth part, it will express some details which are not effective. Finally, it provides some recommendations.First, audiences of these two games may various from age to age. However, the target audience of these two games should focus on children and teenagers who are keen to play games. For this group of people, they are good at imagination and thirst for new things, but not necessarily have high-level reading and comprehension skills. It was mentioned by Slatkin, E (1991, p15), it is very important to make sure that manual can provide users with tools to use in thinking and practicing with the new product in the correct and efficient way. The application of appropriate language is an important communication technique for in meeting this purpose. The manual of Checkered Flag uses easy-understanding English which shows the obvious process that easy to follow. Also there are lots of "you" appear in the manual, which gives a feel to audiences that just like study at school. Because the target audiences are children and teenagers, so it is a more acceptable way for them.The written style of Soccer Kid is a little bit complex. It does have long sentences in the manual, which needs more patience and reading skills to achieve the meaning of this manual, especially for children (Cweeuro, JM., 2003). They may need to ask their parents for help. It can be seen that the manual of Soccer Kid does not work well as the manual of Checkered Flag, because to certain extent, the users of this game can not get the information of what they want directly.Second, according to Locker and Kaczmarek (2004, p493), the audience's retention rate brought by using visual image is as...

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