Technical Proposal Of The New Anc (Active Noise Control) Earplug Eng 2002 S Assignment

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According to a survey and research from World Health Organization (James, 2016), the noise problem has become a serious problem for modern people, especially for the citizens who live in metropolises. As the economy had a good recovery in recent years (Trump, 2016), more and more cars began running on the road, more and more construction sites appeared on our side. It definitely influence people’s daily life because the noise which come from cars and construction sites ruin people’s ears and their peaceful life. On the basis of survey from International Standardization Organization (Michal, 2015) we know that if people who live in the environment with noise of 85 dB and 90 dB for 30 years, the possibility of deafness for these poor people are 8% and 18%. In these bad situations, we always can’t change the environment, but we can change ourselves.

The problem
It is understood that the noise which come from the construction sites near CUHK(SZ) has seriously affected the students’ life and studying. A large number of student complaint about the noise in the morning, which means they will be awoken early in the morning just because of the noise from cars and construction sites. To make the matter worse, the workers will begin construction in the afternoon or even around midnight. According to a survey (Underwood, 2016), about 65% of the college students living in Shaw College A unit can’t sleep and relax well. A recent study (Tom, 2015) concluded that if students can’t sleep or relax well, they will feel anxious and can’t focus on their learning assignments or other tasks. So students need some good methods to help them fall to sleep fast and sleep quite well. The ANC earplug will help a lot.

The solution
Recently I have designed a new kind of earplug called ANC Earplug which means this product can cancel or decrease the noise through an “active way”. For the normal earplugs which we can buy from supermarkets, their sound absorption and noise reduction functions are achieved through a “passive way” by using special sponges. However, the ANC Earplug is strengthened based on normal earplugs. Each side of the ANC Earplug has a small microphone, which can capture the sound of the environment and send the opposite sound waves to offset the noise. The opposite sound waves are produced by a small built-in operator (some kind of chip) in ANC Earplug.

Our ANC Earplug not only use the passive noise reduction (sponge) but also use active noise reduction (opposite sound waves) to decrease or cancel the noise. It’s much better than normal earplug and ANC Earplug can also set alarm clock to remind or awake the users....

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