Technical Skills Or People Skills In A Software Development Project?

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Abstract Developing software requires a lot of technology and a lot of people. When there are a lot of people, there will be management issues. In order to stay on track the lead manager must have the people skills to keep the team motivated and focused. They should be able to check their ego at the door and understand synergy within a team stems from its leader. Technical knowledge is fine but without the essential people skills, team dynamics doesn't exist.Software Development Manager - People Skills Required A successful project team does not exist without a leader. The leader of the team may not be the most gifted technician but he or she has the essential skills to make the team come together and work like a well-oiled machine. The best leader knows how to deal with other people. It is critical to distinguish between the technical side and the leadership side to identify a promising leader. According to Lee Hopkins, a management psychologist and expert author, there are eight essential people skills to effectively lead a development team. I'll use this criterion to show how critical people skills are.People come into the group with different types of personalities - A, B and C. Type A personalities are the folks that are always in a hurry and come across as aggressive in their relationships. They are very competitive and show it at work. Type B personality types live in the moment and don't mind waiting for the time to take action. They are right brain dominant being intuitive, spontaneous and patient. Type C personalities are future oriented taking their time and weighing the pros and cons of the situation before making a decision. Understanding these personality types helps you communicate effectively with them in their own style. This is a people skills imperative.You can't read people's minds so they probably can't read yours. As a society we are fed so much information throughout the day that most of the time the information cannot be interpreted and is often discarded. This is amplified when you are angry or frustrated. Take time to cool down before trying to communicate with team members. While discussing those feelings, depersonalize it by talking about the issue not the person(s). Take the time to plan how you will communicate to express the right thought in a respective manner.Many times stressors come from your boss rather than the team. In this case, address the issue, don't place blame and depersonalize the discussion again. You must speak up when your needs are not being met using assertiveness at the right times. Not all situations require this communication tool. An example can be found in Charlie Poole's article. Mr. Poole had three weeks to turn around a project that broke its deadline. Week two came the bombshell of having a version of their product available for viewing to a customer in another state. After a few overtime days, the first iteration was a success and management's expectations were raised....

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